BMX Parks in Lumberton, New Jersey

by Christina Gandolfo
BMX has become a popular sport.

BMX has become a popular sport.

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Bicycle motocross, or BMX as it's more commonly known, originated in California in the 1970s as a bike emulation of motorcycle motocross. BMX quickly became a national and international sport, making its Olympic debut in Beijing in 2008. Since the 1970s, thousands of tracks have been developed; you'll find one in Lumberton, New Jersey.


In spring 2007, Lumberton Township cut the ribbon on a new BMX track behind the municipal complex on Municipal Drive. Once the township approved the park, local enthusiasts worked together to make the jumps, complete the park, and host a grand opening on June 2. Almost 40 kids rode in the park on opening day.


The equipment needed to ride at the Lumberton BMX track is standard. You may use any 20-inch bicycle, but BMX bikes typically do not have gears like road bikes. Get rid of any extras on the bike that could get in the way, such as chain guards and kickstands. Most important, BMX bikes should not have front brakes, as a sudden stop with this type of brake could cause you to go over the handlebars. A rider should wear a helmet and mouth protection, long sleeve shirt, long pants and shoes.

The Park

Lumberton BMX is all dirt and lined with trees. Some BMX parks have paved jumps, but the jumps on this track are mounded dirt, some rounded and smooth, and others flat like a table. The park is not licensed for official racing, but it does provide a place for BMXers to hang out and practice tricks.

Hours and Rules

Operating hours for the BMX track are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. It is an unsupervised park and is free. Riders must wear protective safety gear at all times or be subject to a fine.

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