"Blue's Clues" Party Ideas for One Year of Age

by Christi Aldridge

Use "Blue's Clues" as a party theme for a toddler.

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If your toddler loves helping Blue, Steve, Paprika and the rest of the "Blue's Clues" gang solve mysteries, a Blue-inspired party will be perfect. Blue is a cute dog that is very curious and likes to know what is going on in her environment. Her owner, Steve, keeps a notebook of clues that helps teach kids about being observant and learning on an everyday basis.


Blue will be the main color of your "Blue's Clue's" party theme. Decorate with blue streamers and helium balloons, large paw prints cut out of poster board or construction paper, and any "Blue's Clues" toys your child has. Set the toys on the table for centerpieces. Print out pictures of the characters from your computer and stick them on the walls with double-sided tape.


Depending on the ages of the guests, food should be kid- and toddler-friendly. For the birthday cake, a simple paw print cake is cute and matches the theme. Create the cake by baking one large round cake and placing four cupcakes along one side of the cake to look like paw prints. Make an extra cupcake for the birthday child to stick her fingers in. Other snacks can include goldfish crackers, cheese sandwiches, fruit slices and cookies.


For small children, activities should be simple and fun. Turn on some music such as the "Blue's Clues" theme and let kids dance or play musical chairs. Help kids make their own Blue ears by gluing ear shapes made of felt or craft foam to a visor or cap. Turn on the show and let party guests enjoy an episode, and let them bark like Blue every time a clue is found. Print out some coloring pages starring Blue and the other characters and let kids color them. Hand out bubbles to parents and older kids and let them blow the bubbles. Challenge the toddlers to pop as many as they can.


Send guests home with Blues souvenirs. Purchase small notebooks, which will look like Steve's Handy Dandy Notebook, for each child. Add a crayon to the souvenir. Other ideas for Blue party bags are Blue stickers, a small Blue book, a stuffed mini Blue and some crackers that you can put in a bag labeled "Blue's Dog Treats."

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