"Blue's Clues" Party Goody Bag Favor Ideas

by Kimberly Dyke
Choose special party favors for your Blue's Clues birthday party.

Choose special party favors for your Blue's Clues birthday party.

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"Blue's Clues" is a favorite preschool show for many children, and Blues Clues-themed parties are generally a big hit. The large following of the show means that there are many excellent choices to consider when selecting favors for your party goody bags. Guests' moms will appreciate you not giving goody bags filled with candy after filling up on birthday cake and ice cream, and the children will enjoy taking home the special party favors.

The Goody Bag

Memorable party favors always begin with a special goody bag. You can purchase pre-printed Blues Clues gift bags at your local discount or party store, or make your own with white paper bags. Decorate the bags with stickers, draw and color Blue on one side or decorate each bag differently with various characters from the show, such as Mailbox or Magenta. Plastic sand buckets with shovels are available at dollar stores, and can be decorated to look like Shovel and Pail. The pail will hold all of your party goodies.

Paper Items

Paper items are inexpensive and easy to roll up into your goody bag or pail. Try creating your own coloring books from free online printouts or purchase Blue's Clues coloring books. You can also add a Handy Dandy Notebook just like Joe uses, with a pencil attached for children to write down their own clues and ideas at home. A sheet of Blue's Clues stickers is a perfect accessory to either a coloring book or notebook.


No party goody bag is complete without a small toy. Look for Blue's Clues bubbles, yo-yos, kazoos or bouncy balls in your local dollar or party store. The classic toys are a hit with most children and are another inexpensive addition to your goody bag or pail.

Functional Items

You can place more functional items in the goody bag that will endure longer than a coloring book or kazoo. Consider a bone-shaped cookie cutter, a toothbrush or a re-useable Blue's Clues-themed plastic bowl that a child can use again and again. A Blue's Clues picture frame with a photograph of the guest alongside the birthday child makes a memorable gift to place on a bedroom dresser.

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