Blueberry Picking in Whiting, New Jersey

by Rebecca Mayglothling
Blueberries are in abundance in and near Whiting, New Jersey.

Blueberries are in abundance in and near Whiting, New Jersey.

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People who cannot grow their own fruit in their home gardens seek out farms for fresh, in season fruit. Some people, especially those with families, appreciate picking their own fruit, as the process is a memory-making opportunity. Families and blueberry enthusiasts in and near Whiting, New Jersey, choose from an array of fruit farms for their berries.

Champion U-Pick

Champion U-Pick (no website; 60 Cherry St, Whiting; 732-350-4467) is located in central Whiting and works well for a family blueberry picking trip. Berry pickers call ahead in the early to mid-summer months to ask if the berries are ready, then proceed to the fields to fill buckets with fruit. The walk from fruit stand to field is short, physical activity is minimal and patrons pay for berries by the pound.

Emery's Blueberries

Emery's Organic Farm ( is a real working farm with animals and year-round events for families. Located 14 minutes north of central Whiting, the farm is in New Egypt, New Jersey. During blueberry picking time, the farm encourages visitors to take the short walk to the fields to pick blueberries by the pint or quart. A wagon is offered only during busy times, weekends or holidays. The farm insists on a two-children-to-one-adult ratio in the fields. Eight blueberry varieties are available on the farm: Duke, Weymouth, Chandler, Bluecrop, Blueray, Darrow, Ellitot and Berkley.

Whitesbog Village

Known for the Annual Blueberry Festival, Whitesbog Village (, 15 minutes west of Whiting, celebrates all things blueberry in late June. The festival is held rain or shine, and the farm owners allow festival attendees to hit the fields with their buckets. The day is full of blueberry picking, blueberry recipes, ready-made blueberry dishes and more. Families of all stages and sizes enjoy being in the fields together for this annual celebration, then receiving terrific ideas to use with their newly picked fruit.

Earth Friendly Organic Farm

The Earth Friendly Organic Farm (, 36 minutes north of central Whiting, is a fully operational farm with animals and fruits grown without pesticides. The blueberry season always attracts U-pick enthusiasts, and the farm encourages this activity. As the farm is organic, berry pickers call ahead to make sure the crop is ready for picking and undamaged by pests or other natural enemies. A blueberry jamming session is available in mid-July, when the farm teaches blueberry lovers how to turn all those blueberries into a canned jam.

Johnson's Corner Farm

Johnson's Corner Farm ( is the furthest from Whiting at 40 minutes west of town. The farm offers kids' activities, including berry picking in mid-June through July. There are hay rides during specified times to the fields and the berries are sold by the quart or pint. A relaxing day in the blueberry fields is perfect for the whole family at this fully operational, fun farm.

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