Blueberry Picking in South Windsor, CT

by Lauren Griffin
Make smoothies, muffins, pies or eat them raw.

Make smoothies, muffins, pies or eat them raw.

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The rolling hills and luscious forests of South Windsor, Connecticut, make it a different environment than the nearby city of Hartford. This small town in central Connecticut is home to a pick your own blueberry farm. Whether you're a city slicker looking for a taste of the country or a local hoping for a fun activity, swing by South Windsor for some fresh blueberries and an afternoon of simple pleasures.

The Farm

Dzen Tree Farm, located at 242 Barber HIll Road, is South Windsor's only pick your own farm ( The farm is run by the Dzen brothers, Donny and Joe. While families flock to the farm to pick their Christmas trees during the holiday season, Dzen Farm is also open during the summer and early fall for other crops, such as blueberries, strawberries and pumpkins.

Pick Your Own

When guests arrive at Dzen Tree Farm, they receive a box to hold the berries they pick. After picking blueberries, the guests return to the farm where the berries are weighed and sold by the pound. Since the farm's hours of operation vary, depending on the weather conditions and staff availability, it is important to call ahead and make sure the farm will be open before you plan a blueberry picking adventure.


At Dzen Tree Farm, over three acres of land are dedicated to growing blueberries for visitors to pick. By early July, the blueberry picking season has usually begun and people of all ages, from families with young children to senior couples, head to the farm to pick some fresh fruit. Dzen Farm grows a variety of blueberries called Duke, which originated in New Jersey. These berries are light blue in color, fairly large in size and boast a delicious mild flavor.

Other Tips

There are several tips to consider to make your blueberry picking trip fun and safe. For their safety and in respect for other guests, children should be attended at all times. Prepare for berry picking by lathering on some sunscreen, donning sunglasses and using some bugspray, too. Remember that blueberries are best when enjoyed fresh. Try to use your berries within three days of their purchase. If not, put them in the freezer so you can bake with them later. Also, leave the berries unwashed until you are ready to use them: The berries absorb water, which dilutes their flavor.

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