How to Blow a Trombone

by Lauren Griffin
Learn how to properly blow a trombone.

Learn how to properly blow a trombone.

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Learning how to play an instrument requires a lot of practice and dedication. Brass instruments, such as the trombone, require particular blowing techniques. With pointers and musical exercises, and a lot of practice, transform a lame horn noise into the impressive musical sounds meant for a trombone.

Step 1

Place the mouthpiece of the trombone on the middle of your lips. Use your left hand to firmly hold the trombone in place. Your left hand can relax on the slider handle.

Step 2

Inhale deeply, then close your mouth so that your lips are resting together lightly.

Step 3

Blow the air through the mouthpiece. Keep your lips together and do not puff out your cheeks. Your lips should vibrate, while the mouthpiece creates a honking sound.

Step 4

Alter the shape of your mouth to change the sound of the trombone when you blow. The more you close your mouth and the harder you blow, the higher the sound you will produce.

Step 5

Move the position of your tongue to also affect the sounds. Playing with your tongue in too high of a position or making a "tee"-like sound, creates a high, nasal sound when you blow the trombone. Instead, keep your tongue lower and making a "toe"-like sound as you blow, which increases the airflow and produces a better sound.

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