Blindfold Party Games

by Kyra Sheahan
Use blindfolds to make your party games more entertaining.

Use blindfolds to make your party games more entertaining.

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Blindfolds are props that add a mysterious and suspenseful element to games. If you are looking to give your party games a twist, incorporate blindfolds for your party guests to use as they play. Not only do they make your games more challenging but blindfolds also provide entertainment to those guests who are watching the action.

Dirty Diaper

Dirty diaper is a blindfold game that has a gross concept but is fun to play at parties -- especially baby showers. The players get blindfolded and are given plastic spoons and writing utensils. The game host prepares the dirty diapers by taking three to five cloth diapers and melting three to five different types of chocolate bars inside of them, using the microwave. Then, the host lets all of the players scoop a taste of the dirty diaper. The diaper is taken away and the players remove the blindfolds so that they can write down what they think the chocolate bar was. Then, they are re-blindfolded and the next dirty diaper is brought out to them. The player who guesses all of the chocolate bars correctly wins the game.

Pin the Tail...

Pin the tail on the donkey is a party game classic but you can pin other things besides just tails on donkeys. Depending on the theme of your party, you can find appropriate subjects to be pinned. For instance, a Halloween party idea is to pin the hat on the witch. In this game, the player is blindfolded and spun around three times. Then, the player is given the object to pin and must make his way to the board where the pinning action happens. The player who gets the pinned object the closest to where it should be wins the game.

Water Balloon Toss

The water balloon toss is a game that involves players getting wet, so it is best to play this one outdoors. For this game, players are paired up and one person becomes the tosser, while the other person acts as the catcher. The catcher gets blindfolded and must catch the water balloons that the tosser tosses. If the catcher does not sense the water balloon coming at him, the water balloon will pop and he'll get wet. The team that catches the most water balloons without popping wins the game.

Blindfold Art

Blindfold art is a drawing competition between blindfolded contestants to see who can draw the best picture. Give the players blindfolds, construction paper and pencils. On your mark, tell the players to put the blindfolds on and draw a particular object, such as a horse. After they draw the horse, players shall put their pencils down. Then, give them another object to draw in the picture, such as the sun or a tree. Continue adding images for them to draw. At the end of the game, have players remove their blindfolds and see whose drawing is the best.

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