Black & White Bridal Shower Decorating Ideas

by Lauren Griffin

A black and white decorating theme provides a sophisticated look that is perfect for a bridal shower. With a plethora of interesting patterns to pick from, touches of accent colors, and lots of black and white, this simple decorative idea creates a dramatically beautiful look that the bride-to-be will remember long after her wedding.

Room Decorations

Decorate the room in the splendor of black and white. Greet guests with a shelf of black picture frames that show off black and white photographs of the soon to be married couple. Clusters of black balloons tied to banisters, chairs and other locations, and white lights wrapped around railings and doorways add a touch of black and white throughout the space. Cover chairs with black and white damask or other patterned cloth to make them look elegant and stay with the theme.

Table Decor

A black and white table makes the dining space true to the bridal shower's theme. Begin with a black tablecloth. Add a touch of elegance with black and white damask place mats and chargers or a runner. Top them off with crisp white dishware for a bit of contrast. Select an accent color to add an interesting dimension to the decor. For example, throw in some green napkins and place settings for a burst of color.


Centerpieces add a final decorative touch to the table. When paired with intricate damask patterns, it is best to keep the centerpieces fairly simple or the table's appearance as a whole can quickly become overwhelming. Fill simple clear vases with collections of white flowers, such as roses, hydrangeas or peonies. Smaller green berries will complement the bits of green in the table decor. Finally, lay out small white votive candles in clear glass containers; their warm glow will light up the table.


It is easy to overlook, but food can play an important decorative role at a bridal shower. Rather than hiding it in the kitchen, turn the food into part of the decor by placing it out for all to see. Set up white tiered dessert displays on a black table or cart. Layer adorable bite-sized snacks, like dark chocolate and vanilla frosted cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies, and petit fours, on the trays.

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