How to Get Your Black Belt Certificate

by Fahlen Brown
Earning a black belt takes training and expertise.

Earning a black belt takes training and expertise.

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A black belt is the highest achievement level that a martial arts fighter can obtain. It makes a fighter a master of martial arts. Although there are notable achievement levels in martial arts that take similar dedication, a black belt requires continuous practice, skill and training. A fighter can accomplish obtaining a black belt if he is persistent.

Step 1

Choose a martial arts discipline. Many disciplines of martial arts are available that fighters can focus on, such as kung fu or classic karate. The number of choices depends on the courses in your area, so you may be limited to the disciplines available in a specific course.

Step 2

Select a martial arts school for your training. Check your local directory listing or search the Internet for the schools closest to you that offer martial arts training.

Step 3

Learn basic martial arts from your instructor. A beginning course will guide you in basic forms and skills you need to learn on your way to obtaining a black belt. Learning the basics is important in advancing beyond the beginner's level.

Step 4

Make time in your schedule for regular practice. People who have obtained a black belt have often put in years of practice. Practice will prepare you for obtaining a black belt.

Step 5

Earn your intermediate belts as you go through your martial arts courses. Individual disciplines often vary, but most require you to earn a number of intermediate belts before you are eligible for earning a black belt. Intermediate belts are earned by mastering specific concepts of martial arts. Some of the belt colors are yellow, green, white, orange, purple and brown.

Step 6

Enroll in a black belt candidate course. This course prepares you to take the black belt exam. Passing the exam is the final step before you earn your black belt.

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