Birthday Projects for Kids to Make for Dad

by Randi Bergsma

Dads often prefer homemade birthday presents to store-bought items. Homemade gifts are meaningful and help preserve memories of your kids' childhoods. Encourage your kids to create a birthday project for their dad. Try to find an item that is practical and decorative. Avoid cliched projects like macaroni art that kids will likely be creating in school.

A Personalized Picture Frame

You can purchase plain picture frames in various sizes, from large portraits to small travel frames. These frames are usually made from untreated wood, but you can also find primed frames, ready for paint. Kids can decorate them with stickers, letters and glitter. Find decorative items in the scrapbooking section of a craft store. Purchase foam or wood letters that can be used to spell messages like "Happy Birthday" or "Best Step-Dad." If their father is an outdoorsman or nature lover, help them cover the frame with shells, stones or feathers.


You can buy plain white T-shirts for under $10 and have your kids decorate them. If the kids are small, dip their hands in fabric paint and decorate the shirt with their handprints. You can also purchase fabric pens that allow you to write poems or quotes. The kids can write a birthday message and sign it. Dad can wear the T-shirt around the house on weekends or under his suit during the work week. If your kids are teenagers, they can design an iron-on transfer on the computer and print it on specialty paper.

Tapes and Recordings

Get the kids to record special birthday messages to their dad. Record these messages as audio files that can be added to his computer playlist. Her can then listen to the messages on his MP3 player while jogging or on the drive to work. The kids can sing "Happy Birthday" or tell their dad why they love him. Kids can also put on a play for their dad's birthday that can be videotaped and added to his computer as a video file. This documents your family and preserves your kids' voices, so you can enjoy listening to or watching how they looked and sounded when they were younger for many years to come.

A Family Mural

Draw or paint a family mural on a large canvas or a commercial-sized role of craft paper. The kids can paint or draw birthday messages or pictures. You can add your own artwork to the mural or invite Dad and make it a family project. For a more special present, prime a wall in your home with white paint and let the kids decorate it using interior paint. This type of mural will stay on the wall for years. An office wall, or even the ceiling or wall of the kids' playroom, are possible locations for a permanent family mural.

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