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    Birthday Places for 12-Year-Olds in Gwinnett, Georgia

    Finding the right birthday party idea for a 12-year-old child may not always prove an easy task. While still young, tween aged kids on the cusp of becoming teenagers may want more grown-up themes, and suitable ideas can include bowling, skating and sports. The communities of Gwinnett County, Georgia, such as Lawrenceville and Suwanee, have a variety of places which cater to this type of birthday party entertainment.

    Places to Pamper a Birthday Girl in Orlando, Florida

    Every girl wants to feel like a princess on her birthday. Visits to the spa, photo shoots and indulging in delicious foods help accomplish this task. With its wealth of tourist attractions, Orlando offers numerous locations to help pamper a girl on her birthday and make her feel like a princess.

    Places to Celebrate a 3-Year-Old's Birthday in Austin, Texas

    Residents of Austin, a city in south-central Texas, have a diverse selection of places from which to choose when planning a birthday celebration for a 3-year-old. Austin offers a wide variety of venues that provide age-appropriate birthday party options which meet the developmental abilities and interests of a group of pre-schoolers. Available locations allow families to plan a celebration that fits various budgets.

    Fun Places to Go for Birthday Parties in Portland

    The city of Portland, Oregon offers an eclectic mix of entertainment and attractions for your next birthday party venue. Kids can experience arts and culture or thrills and excitement. You can even document the entire event courtesy of professional photography studios, which play host to kids' parties in the Portland area. These playful options are not just limited to children. Portland's teens and adults can also find the perfect venue for their next birthday celebration.

    Places for a Kids' Birthday in Southwest Virginia

    Typically defined as the stretch of land from the Cumberland Gap to the New River Valley, Southwest Virginia is comprised of 17 counties, according to the Southwest Virginia website. While Southwest Virginia may be set apart from the rest of Virginia with its mountainous setting and small towns and cities, it still offers its residents plenty of options for places to host a kids' birthday party that fit nearly every interest, age and budget.

    Some Ideas on Places to Go for Birthday Celebrations

    Where you celebrate your birthday is almost as important as the people you invite. Staying home is always an option, but getting out of the house with your closest friends on your birthday provides excitement and a change of pace for everyone. Whether you want an active, festive celebration or a quiet, low-key gathering, choose a venue that suits your personality and fits your budget.

    Nice Places to Go for a 16-Year-Old's Birthday

    A 16th birthday is an important milestone. It kicks off the latter half of the teen years, traditionally marking the start of young adulthood. Celebrate it in style by taking your 16-year-old to a nice place for the event. Don't just go to your favorite nice spot, however. Put some thought into it. Tailor the venue to the teenager's interests and personality to make the birthday a celebration you'll both remember.

    Birthday Places for Kids in Whitby, Ontario

    Whitby, Ontario, is a city with a small-town feel when it comes to birthday parties for kids. Whitby has several small businesses, many of which are family owned, that offer packages for a child's party. While the kids will have fun, the parents will, too, since they will get to sit back and enjoy the experience. The Whitby party places take care of almost all of the work.

    Birthday Places for First Birthdays in Queens, New York

    Celebrating baby's first birthday is an exciting day for parents and families. Since most of the attendees will be much older than the guest of honor, the party location must be both fun for grown ups and welcoming to small children and babies. There are many locations throughout the New York City borough of Queens that will suit a growing toddler and family.

    Adult Entertainment Places for Birthdays

    Most kids consider birthday parties an annual rite of passage. When you are an adult, the practice sometimes loses its luster. However, your age shouldn't keep you from going out and having a blast on your next birthday. With creative thinking, you can set up an unusual birthday party at comedy clubs, burlesque shows or other places that provide adult entertainment.

    Fun Places to Go for a Husband's 50th Birthday in Upstate New York

    Turning 50 demands a fun and memorable celebration. Upstate New York offers a rich palette of choices sure to please any 50-year-old husband. Combining a teeming natural environment abundant in lakes, mountains and waterfalls with the absolute height of human cultural accomplishment in the form of baseball and beer, upstate New York is a veritable playground for the half-century husband, and it is all within driving distance of the nation's major metropolitan area, New York City.

    Places for a Teen Birthday in Connecticut

    No matter where you live in Connecticut, fun options are available for your teen's big day. Interstate 91, running from New Haven up through Hartford and up into Massachusetts, is a corridor offering access to many of the state's options. New London and Norwich, near Rhode Island, and Danbury, near New York State, are also close to several party venues. During the summer, you'll find that many venues are booked early, while some of the ice skating rinks don't offer birthday party rentals during the warmest months.

    Birthday Places for Kids in Indianapolis

    Children look forward to their birthday parties for weeks and even months before the big day. If you live in Indianapolis, there are quite a few different options for celebrating the occasion, with a choice for just about every budget. You'll find a fun option for your special boy or girl, ranging from science exploration to a retro day at the skating rink.