Birthday Party Themes for Animals

by Brenda Priddy
There are many ways to use animals as a theme for a party.

There are many ways to use animals as a theme for a party.

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Animals are a favorite topic for children. Children love all kinds of animals, and the wilder the better. Animals make a highly suitable theme for a child's birthday party. You can use an animal theme for a birthday party for kids of all ages. Some adults may also enjoy animal-themed birthday parties. Work with your child to come up with suitable animal ideas for each birthday party theme.

Barn Animals

Barn animals are a favorite choice for a party theme for children under 5 years of age. Barn animals include the typically farm animals, including, cows, sheep, pigs, horses and geese. Some party stores sell barn-themed birthday party decorations, but it is just as easy to make your own. Use your child's own stuffed animals as decorations. Make paper-plate masks for children to take home. Frost cupcakes to look like farm animals or use animal figurines on the birthday cake. Wrap birthday presents in animal-patterned paper.

Safari Animals

Safari animals include giraffes, lions, antelope, elephants and snakes. A safari-themed birthday party should please a preschooler or a slightly older child. Use safari animals as the theme with a lion or giraffe piñata, a birthday cake decorated with safari animals and grass, and other safari-themed items. Use green and khaki as the theme colors. Consider having a "pin the tail on the antelope" or other classic birthday party game rather than the traditional donkey. Make a sign that says, "Hope your birthday is wild."

Jungle Animals

Jungle animals are a favorite birthday party theme for children of all ages. Jungle animals include tigers, monkeys, parrots and other colorful birds. Many birthday party themes mix safari animals and jungle animals. Decorate with red, yellow, green and blue colors. You can decorate birthday cupcakes to look like the jungle animals, or make one large birthday cake and place plastic jungle animals on top of the cake or shape the birthday cake to look like a tiger's face, or other jungle animal. Use stuffed animals as part of the birthday party decorations.

Specific Animals

You can also have an animal birthday party with one specific animal as the theme. A monkey birthday party can include monkey plates, banana decorations, brown and tan birthday decorations, monkey face birthday cupcakes, and banana-shaped crazy straw party favors. For a sheep-themed birthday party, use white and pink as the colors. Children could make paper plate sheep with cotton balls as a birthday party activity. Decorate the birthday cake cake in the shape of a sheep. String cotton balls on a happy birthday banner to simulate wool. You can make any animal species the star of a birthday party with a little creativity.

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