Birthday Party Sharing Ideas

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Share your birthday to double your fun.

Share your birthday to double your fun.

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For some, skilled in the art of sharing, having a birthday party partner proves a desirable choice. By pairing up for a celebration with an individual who has a birthday close to yours, you can make your celebration a more affordable one, as well as likely amass a larger group of guests to join in the party. When planning your shared birthday, incorporate an array of perfect-for-sharing ideas.

Paired Themes

Because two people will be taking center stage at the birthday celebration, selecting a paired theme is a creative choice. Make your theme "Peanut Butter and Jelly," for example, and dress in either purple or brown, asking your party partner to take the other hue. Reflect this theme by decorating in these tasty hues as well as serving up classic PB & J sandwiches as finger food. Or try a "Cowboys and Indians" theme and allow your guests to decide which of these two options they want to embody in their dress.

"Favorites" Buffet

Make the menu at your birthday all about your favorite foods and the foods that your co-celebrator appreciates. Divide your buffet table down the middle with a piece of tape or ribbon. Fill one side of the table with an assortment of the foods you most enjoy. Fill the other with the other birthday-boy's favorite treats. To make this buffet selection a part of your party games, inter-mix the two favorites and have guests guess which birthday celebrator picked each goodie, offering a prize to the guest with the most correct guesses.

Birthday Celebrant Facts Match-Up

Have fun with the fact that two of you are in the spotlight by holding a birthday celebrant fact match-up. Create a list of 10 facts about yourself as well as 10 facts about your co-celebrant. Type these facts out, printing them in large type on separate sheets of paper. Number them and hang them on a wall. Give guests slips of paper with the names of the two birthday celebrants printed on them and ask them to write the fact numbers next to the names as they see appropriate. Award a prize to whoever connects the most facts correctly to each of you.

Preventing "Double Gifting"

One of the downfalls of a shared birthday is the fact that guests may feel obligated to come armed with two gifts, making attendance quite the financial commitment. To prevent this problem, make your birthday a gift-free one, asking guests to instead make a donation to a charity that you have selected. If you're planning the party for people other than yourself, and would like guests to feel welcome to bring them gifts but don't want to exhaust anyone's generosity, request on the invitations that guests bring a gift for only one of the celebrators, not both.

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