Birthday Party Plans for a 4-Year-Old Kid

by Jackie Castle
Birthday parties for 4-year-olds can be packed with fun and games.

Birthday parties for 4-year-olds can be packed with fun and games.

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Preschool birthday parties can be fun yet nerve-wracking for the parent trying to organize them. Keeping tabs on a hoard of 4-year-olds can be daunting and scary at best. But it needn't be. Organizing an enjoyable party isn't as hard as it may seem. The themes and games for birthday parties for preschoolers vary. The key is to be organized and have enough activities to keep the little ones busy and out of trouble.

Local Restaurants

Hosting a party at places such as McDonald's, Chuck E. Cheese's or a pizza place is one of the easiest ways to throw a party for your child. The eateries not only provide the food and clean up the mess, but the play areas are safe and entertaining for 4-year-olds. What more can you ask for? All you need to bring is the cake and the kids. You will need to plan these parties at least a month or two in advance, depending on the popularity of the place. You will also need to consider the price per child and make sure it's within your budget.

Gyms and Amusement Centers

Preschoolers love to run and play, and, like a restaurant, many children's gyms, arcades and game centers will host parties. Also like a restaurant, they charge by the head and will sometimes offer bonus tokens or tickets when you invite a certain number of people. To avoid problems with keeping track of your party-goers, try giving out scarves or hats that will make your group more recognizable, or invite parents to attend, too, so they can help keep an eye on their children.

Themed Parties

Young children have favorite stars, such as Barbie, Dora the Explorer and the Transformers. Creating parties with these themes requires finding a few games that will go along with the theme, and purchasing appropriate decorations and ordering a cake. For example, a Barbie party can have a dress-up and makeup area for little girls. Boys and girls can emulate Dora by playing a scavenger hunt game. Search the Internet for game ideas. Themed parties can be held at home or at a park.

Special Guests

Consider hiring local entertainers to come entertain your preschooler's birthday party. Sketch artists can highlight an artist-themed party, and the sketches can be given out as party favors. Let children draw on the sidewalk or do finger painting for prizes. Magicians and clowns are often a hit and sometimes leave behind balloon figures and simple magic tricks. Small children may find these characters entertaining and fun.

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