Birthday Party Places for Tweens and Teens

by Erin Schreiner Google

Planning a party for a tween or a teen can present a challenge for parents, as these more mature children are not as interested in backyard scavenger hunts and rounds of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey as their younger counterparts. Instead of trying to please a rambunctious and finicky group in your backyard, select a birthday venue that is naturally engaging and will leave your tween and teen guests with plenty to do.

Movie Theater

Treat your guests to a flick by throwing your party at a movie theater. Rent out a party room at a local movie theater and buy a package of tickets. Start the event by plying your guests with some popcorn and candy as they watch the show, then have everyone retire to the party room, where they can socialize and enjoy cake and ice cream.

Laser Tag Venue

Laser tag is a popular activity for all ages. Organize a birthday event at a laser tag venue. Purchase passes for the guests and allow them to gear up and go to war in a virtual battle to the death. Many laser tag venues have party packages, offering a room with catered food such as pizza and cake after the action.


Select a busy space full of an assortment of different diversions by arranging your party at an arcade. Arrange for a party room or other place to meet at the arcade and conduct the ritual opening of presents and eating of cake. Buy each guest some tokens and let them spend the bulk of their time running about the space and enjoying all that the site has to offer.

Mini Golf Course

For some outdoor fun, plan a mini golf party. Contact area mini golf centers and inquire as to their party packages, as most offer group discounts and have party hosting space. Allow your tweens to group up and put their hole-in-one skills to the test, ensuring that they have hours of fun at your event.


Make your birthday celebrant feel like a rock star with a hotel party. Have your teen invite a handful of her same-sex friends to come and enjoy some fun at a local hotel. Rent out a large room and use this as a hang out space, playing some films and encouraging your party guests to lounge around in the space. When they feel the need to burn off some energy, they can always head down to the pool and take a dip. Allow the guests to stay and party into the night or make this event a day-time-only one, having guests retire to their own homes.