Birthday Party Places in Farmington Hills, Michigan

by Laurie Rappeport
You can celebrate a birthday for any age or taste in a Farmington Hills venue.

You can celebrate a birthday for any age or taste in a Farmington Hills venue.

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Families living northwest of Detroit can find a wide variety of venues in which to hold a birthday party celebration. Farmington Hills, a picturesque suburban area approximately half an hour north of Detroit, offers relaxing outdoor sites, sports-centered locations and comfortable eateries where families and friends can organize a birthday celebration. Whether you plan to prepare a birthday party for a child, teenager or adult, you can find the right place in Farmington Hills.

Skating Parties

Bring a birthday party to a dynamic and energetic skating rink to allow participants to enjoy some physical activity before sitting down to the birthday celebration. The BonaVenture Roller Skating Rink ( on Halstead Road in Farmington Hills invites kids to enjoy a birthday party at the rink. Guests skate together and then celebrate. Kids can create a birthday party at the BonaVenture Rink that features printed party invitations, time on the rink (with skate rental), roller skating lessons for kids or adults who need tutoring, refreshments, goodie bags and a free pass for a future skating session for each guest. You can organize a party on Friday nights, Saturdays or Sundays. The Farmington Hills ice skating rink ( invites the public to schedule a birthday party at the Farmington Hills Ice Arena. The arena makes its facilities available for birthday parties throughout the year. Call at least one week in advance to schedule your party.

Young Children

Create a fun birthday party for young children at a Farmington Hills children's venue. Jungle Java offers parents a safe indoor play center where the birthday child and her friends can play and burn off energy before sitting down to a birthday lunch or dinner and goodies. Jungle Java ( offers parents several options for birthday parties, including decorations, a party host, printed invitations and refreshments. My Girly Party ( on West 12 Mile features full birthday party activities with girly-girl themes. Girls can choose a diva party, a spa party, a Girl Scouts party, a princess and pirate party, a tea party and more. Birthday parties include refreshments, costumes and activities that relate to the girl's party theme.


Plan a birthday party in one of Farmington Hills' beautiful public parks ( Each of Farmington Hills' parks offers participants a different experience, all of which center around the environment and nature. The Nature Center has an animal habitat on display as well as a bird viewing area, native fish aquariums, an activity table and a nature library. In the Woodland Hills Park you can hike the trails before sitting down for a picnic. Heritage Park offers hiking trails as well as picnic shelters which you can reserve ahead of time for your birthday party.

Restaurant Adult Party

Book an event room in a Farmington Hills restaurant to celebrate an adult birthday in style. Brass Pointe ( on Orchard Lake Road has a private dining room where you can enjoy the restaurant's menu of Mexican and grilled foods. Antonio's Italian ( at 12 Mile and Halstead serves a full menu of delicious Italian food with the option to use the events room for a birthday celebration. Lellis on the Green ( offers private events rooms for casual dining in Farmington Hills. You can book a lunch or dinner party at Lellis, which serves meats, fish, poultry and pastas with a variety of wines and salads.

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