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    Birthday Party Locations for a 13-Year-Old in Atlanta, Georgia

    Turning 13 is a rite of passage for a boy or a girl. It means childhood is coming to an end and adolescence is beginning. It can be an intense time for kids -- they are learning to cope with changes in their bodies while trying to establish some independence at the same time. Making the transition from tween to teen can be tricky for parents, too. Even the birthday itself can pose a dilemma. If you live in the Atlanta area and need a birthday party solution, consider your options and add your own creativity.

    Birthday Party Locations for 13-Year-Olds in Michigan

    Families living in Michigan can find birthday party locations for their 13-year-old that fit their budget and taste. Michigan's birthday party venues include relaxing outdoor sites, comfortable eateries and sports-centered locations where friends and families can organize a celebration. Whether you're planning a birthday party for a kid who wants a low-key get-together with friends or a blow-out party with half the school, you can find the right place in Michigan.

    Birthday Party Locations in Dallas for Teenagers

    Some teens may want to celebrate their birthday with their family, with mom or dad serving as emcee/driver/check picker-upper. Other teens may want parents nearby but out of sight. Older teens who can drive may want their parents out of the picture entirely. Many party places in Dallas are large enough so that parents will not mortify their teen by actually standing nearby.

    Birthday Party Locations for Girls in West Chester, Pennsylvania

    West Chester is a town of about 18,000 residents in southeastern Pennsylvania, approximately 35 miles west of Philadelphia. West Chester gives off the small town vibe with a historic downtown. Despite its small size, West Chester offers plenty of choices for girls' birthday party locations, including indoor venues for the city's snowy winter months.

    Birthday Party Locations & Ideas in Minnesota

    Families in Minnesota can find birthday party locations which match the family budget. Minnesota birthday party sites include sports-centered attractions, relaxing outdoor sites and fun activities that allow families and friends to have a great time. Whether you plan a party for a child who wants an exciting party event, an energetic party for teens or a low-key get-together for adults, you will find the right place in Minnesota.

    Birthday Party Locations for Kids in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

    Whether your little one is celebrating her fabulous fourth with preschool friends or you're looking towards a more flashy bash for your newly turned teen's bat mitzvah, there are a variety of party options in Carlisle. From athletic play spaces to elegant halls, Pennsylvania parents are sure to find what they're looking for when planning a party in the Carlisle area.

    Birthday Party Locations for Kids in New Jersey

    Turning a year older is exciting for children. For a child, birthdays mean parties, cake, gifts, and a lot of excitement. However, for parents, a birthday party often means hours of planning, clean-up, and hassle. There are many locations in New Jersey that do all of the work associated with a birthday party for the parent, so he can focus on making memories with his child.

    Birthday Party Locations in Oak Hill, West Virginia

    The Oak Hill, West Virginia area offers a number of great places where you can host your child's birthday party. Make the party planning easy on yourself this year. Take the chaos of having a group of children over for a party out of the process by choosing from among these popular birthday party spots.

    Birthday Party Locations for Teens in Philadelphia

    Planning a birthday party for a picky teenager can be stressful. Where one year they'd go gaga over a sleepover, the next year they want something a little more edgy. The city of Philadelphia has numerous venues that provide parents with a safe as well as enjoyable place to host a teenager's birthday party.

    Birthday Party Locations for Toddlers in Austin, Texas

    Keeping one toddler amused and contained is a challenge at any time; finding a place to host a party for a group of them is almost insane. You want a venue that will hold your charges' interest and keep them away from boldily harm while allowing them to have fun. From zoos to year-round carnivals, Austin, Texas, has a variety of venues that will make your pint-sized partier's day a happy one.

    Birthday Party Locations for Toddlers in Tampa, Florida

    Just as you are getting over your baby turning another year older, you realize that it's time to plan the birthday party. Tampa, Florida, has several locations to hold a fun and memorable birthday party for your child ranging from do-it-yourself to full-service packages. The best part is that none of these locations expect your birthday girl to sit still or stay quiet -- hands-on exploring is encouraged.

    Birthday Party Locations for Toddlers in Temecula Valley, California

    Parents of toddlers in Temecula Valley, California, who are looking for birthday-party locations have a variety of options to choose from, depending on where their focus lies. Whether it is a water excursion or an indoor adventure, everything necessary for a fabulous celebration that will keep young children and adults entertained can be found in town.

    Birthday Party Locations in Woodbridge, VA

    Whether you are looking for a festive setting for a favorite friend or family member's birthday bash or are searching for an entertaining activity spot for your little one's party, Woodbridge, Virginia, has much to offer. From indoor play centers to more mature party spots, planning the perfect party in this southern city can be a snap.

    Boys' Birthday Party Locations in Maryland

    Boys enjoy birthday parties that offer a lot of action and entertainment. Sports and science-related parties offer activities that most boys will enjoy on their special day. Maryland is home to a variety of party places that will pique a boy's interest on his birthday and help parents plan a stress-free birthday party.

    Gymnastics for a Birthday Party in the Minneapolis Area

    A gymnastics birthday party will provide plenty of healthy exercise for kids in an entertaining way. Several gyms in the Minneapolis area offer birthday party packages. They provide gymnastics instructors for the party to give children an introduction to basic, age-appropriate moves and how to use equipment safely. Children can expand their knowledge and explore a new form of exercise, all while having fun.

    Infant Birthday Party Locations in Chicago, Illinois

    Your child's first birthday is a milestone event, worthy of a joyful celebration. But let's face it, an infant is not really able to participate in the festivities or even recognize the occasion. Though most people typically cater to the guest of honor at such celebrations, at an infant's birthday party, it's more practical to focus on keeping your guests entertained. If you live in Chicago, you'll find dozens of party locations to delight attendees of all ages, while your tiny guest of honor marvels over the empty gift boxes.

    Kids' Birthday Party Locations in Portland, Oregon

    Portland, Ore., is a family- and kid-friendly city that offers a variety of fun and entertaining options for hosting a kids' birthday party. With Portland's notoriously rainy weather, many of the popular locations offer indoor activities to make sure kids have a great time in spite of cloudy skies. These top spots provide birthday fun for all ages.

    Locations in Dallas, Texas to Have a Birthday Party for a Two Year Old Girl

    Ask almost any Texan and they will more than likely proudly let you know that "everything is bigger in Texas." For parents in the city of Dallas and surrounding area, applying this Texas philosophy to planning a 2-year-old girl's birthday party means searching Dallas for the location that best suits a little girl's interests. Plan a fun birthday party by choosing Dallas party options or locations that will interest your little girl as well as incorporate a 2-year olds need to expand her motor skills, use all of her senses and practice being independent.

    Locations for a Preteen Birthday Party in Chicago

    Chicago has a great deal of places to go, things to see and activities to participate in, even for the most discriminating pre-adolescents. If you're planning a birthday party for your preteen and would prefer it to be on-location rather than in the home, your biggest dilemma may be deciding among dozens of options. Whether your child and guests are male, female or a combination, and whether they like sports, thrills or artsy activities, you'll find plenty of locations for preteen birthday parties in Chicago.