Birthday Party Locations for Teens in Philadelphia

by Danielle Hamill

Planning a birthday party for a picky teenager can be stressful. Where one year they'd go gaga over a sleepover, the next year they want something a little more edgy. The city of Philadelphia has numerous venues that provide parents with a safe as well as enjoyable place to host a teenager's birthday party.

For the Athlete

If your teen is sporty, a party that plays to his athletic ability will be an option he will love, plus it will encourage the other kids to involve themselves in the activities, rather than sit on the sidelines, afraid to mingle. Jamz Rollerskating ( offers four different party packages that include admission and skate rental, food, beverages and various levels of decoration. You can also host a bowling party at one of three Thunderbird Lanes locations (, with three party packages that go up in price depending upon the type of food you choose to order for your guests.

Art Parties

If you have a budding artist on your hands, choose a venue where she and her friends can express their creativity. Fairmont Art Center ( hosts parties for up to 20 guests, which includes art supplies and instruction for 1-1/2 hours and party goods; you provide the food. You can also host a paint-your-own pottery class at a location such as the Expressive Hand ( or Color Me Mine ( The Philadelphia Museum of Art does not typically host birthday parties but you can allow your teen to select a handful of her friends to bring on a tour of the museum.

Star Treatment

Teens universally love movies, so planning a party at a movie theater will be a hit. There are two Regal Movie Theaters in Philadelphia that host birthday parties: UA Grant Plaza 9 and UA Riverview Plaza Stadium 17 ( The party packages include use of a private room for food, drinks and cake and a screening of any age-appropriate film at the time of your party.

Franklin Square

Philadelphia is home to historic public squares. The nonprofit Historic Philadelphia ( was responsible for restoring Franklin Square. You can arrange for a party through the organization. Packages include use of a tented or open picnic area and special pricing for the old-fashioned carousel and the unique mini-golf attraction, consisting of an 18-hole Philadelphia-themed course. You can bring your own food or purchase classic hamburgers, Philly dogs, shakes, floats or sundaes from the SquareBurger.

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