Birthday Party Invitation Wording

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    Wording for a Karaoke 50th Birthday Party

    For party invitations, wording is key. The wording on an invitation entices the invitees to come and sets their expectations for a good time. Wording for a karaoke 50th birthday party can cleverly play on the lyrics of hits popular at the time of the party or simply invite partygoers to a rockin' birthday bash.

    Masquerade Sweet Sixteen Invitation Wording

    A girl's sixteenth birthday is a milestone event. When she turned sixteen, celebrity Debbie Ryan, of "Suite Life" fame, held a masquerade party; however, you don't have to be a celebrity to have your own Sweet Sixteen Masquerade. Choose decorations and party favors to match your theme. When you invite your guests, hand-deliver them a mask-shaped invitation or you can go a more traditional route and mail them a formal invitation.

    Wording for Birthday Party Camping Invitations

    A camping birthday party is an original take on traditional birthday celebrations. You can take your guests to a scenic location or camp right in your own yard. Invite your guests to join you in your camping birthday celebration with carefully worded invitations that indicate the details of the event while conveying its adventurous yet festive theme.

    Wording for an Invitation to a Little Boy's Birthday Party

    The party is the highlight of the day for a little boy on his birthday, but the invitations are what help set the mood. A good invitation will make guests look forward to the party. Although the invitations will be read by adults, they still need to be kid friendly to build anticipation among the little boy's friends. Avoid using big words and confusing sentences. Use fun phrases that make the party sound exciting.

    Proper Wording for a Sixtieth Birthday Party Celebration

    The proper wording for a sixtieth birthday party celebration depends on what kind of party you are hosting and the personality of the person being honored. Whether the party is going to be a formal affair or beach party and the guest of honor is a fun-loving child at heart or a dignified patriarchal figure who loves to dress up should determine what wording you use on the invitation.

    Invitation Sayings for a Kid's Birthday

    Invitations set the tone for a child's birthday party. You want the wording to be entertaining, clear and memorable. Of course you'll include the birthday child's name and the date, time and location for the party, contact information and an RSVP deadline. If there's a dress code or an item your guests should bring, you can include it with the rest of the information. But to make the invitation the best it can be, key the wording you use to the party's theme.

    Baseball Party Wording for a Seventh Birthday

    The bases are loaded in the bottom of the ninth inning with your child's 7th birthday up to bat. Throw a grand-slam gathering of friends and family by creating a baseball-themed party, complete with the lingo, from start to finish. Find creative ways to implement baseball terminology into all aspects of the party, from invitations to activities, so your child and his friends enjoy a glimpse of the major leagues.

    How to Word a Tinkerbell Birthday Party Invitation

    Tinkerbell is a beloved character from the fairy tale Peter Pan. A Tinkerbell-themed party provides many options for creativity and fun for guests and hosts alike. Incorporate a Tinkerbell theme to celebrate a child's birthday, or simply to give your children and their friends an opportunity to play together. A creative invitation is the perfect touch to a well-planned Tinkerbell party.

    How to Word an Invitation for a Semi-Formal 50th Birthday Party

    Certain birthdays represent milestones in life, such as turning 18, 21, 30 and 50. These birthdays mark experiences lived through and thresholds reached. Turning 50 indicates a person has the wisdom and knowledge of half a century lived. Throwing a birthday party for someone turning 50 means you and other special people in your honoree's life can celebrate the important milestone together. If you're having a semi-formal birthday event, you need to communicate this on the invitation so guests are aware of what to expect.

    How to Word the Invitations for a Slumber Party for a 10th Birthday

    The invitations you send out to a 10th birthday slumber party are as much a source of information for the parents of your child's guests as they are a way of alerting your kid's friends to the planned festivities. As such, you'll want to make sure you include all the information they'll need to know about the event in clear, straightforward language. Don't try to be too showy and make sure you add all the details your kid's friends' parents will need to get their children to your sleepover.

    A Wording Sample of a Joint Birthday Party Invitation for Kids

    If there's anything more fun than planning a kid's birthday party, it has to be hosting a birthday party for two kids. It might be a bit more work in the planning phase, but when the party is over, you can check two parties off your list. Or, if you're planning a party with another parent, putting two heads together gives you twice as many ideas and two adults for herding the kids. Wording the invitations is trickier than sending an invitation for just one, and the wording you use depends on the ages and relationship of the birthday children.

    Party E-Vite Wording

    Online invitations -- e-vites -- allow senders to invite guests to parties with the ease of email or with online invitation providers. The e-vite style is informal and works well for impromptu and casual gatherings. Match the e-vite approach with relaxed party-invitation verbiage, signaling to invitees the carefree nature of your event. E-vites are appropriate for many types of parties. The online method of sending invitations works well when inviting office colleagues and people who spend most of their time online. Online invitation providers offer a host of e-vite wording ideas and entertaining e-card ideas.

    Fun Wording for a 16th Birthday Party

    Turning 16 is rounding the bend into adulthood, an age that can be as fun as some of the wording you create for party invitations or a card for the birthday celebrant. The average 16-year-old can be fairly sarcastic, and so can some all-in-fun wording options. If sarcasm is not your thing, or you think it will start a cake fight, you can always go sweet or pick another type of wording that promises not offend.

    Wording for Dress Up Birthday Party Invitations

    If your child wants to have a birthday party with a dress-up theme this year, start off the fashionable celebration with an invitation that lets guests know how enjoyable the event will be. Carefully worded invitations will give the party-goers details on the type of dress-up party you're having, so they can show up looking their best.

    Thomas the Train Party Wording

    Thomas the Tank Engine is a popular party theme for preschool boys and girls alike. You can find invitations, party favors and games galore featuring the happy little blue engine and all of his Sodor friends. If you have a little bit of artistic talent and a tight budget, you can create the invitations yourself, adding a personal touch to your child's birthday party.

    Wording for a Double Birthday Party

    Planning a birthday party can be fun. Sharing your birthday with a friend and having a huge party can be double the fun. When planning a birthday party for two people at the same time and same place, the invitation can be a little tricky to word, especially since not all of the guests may know both of the birthday people.

    Invitation Wording for a Birthday Party for Two Siblings

    Maybe you have twins, or enjoy that rare coincidence where two children born years apart share the same birthday. In any case, you may find yourself having to draft an invitation for a joint sibling birthday party. You have some decisions to make. Clarify whether guests are expected to bring a gift for both or each individual honoree. You may want to request that guests only bring gifts that can enjoyed in a group, or by both siblings together. These practical decisions are secondary to the importance of communicating to guests that the party is for both siblings, so that nobody gets their feelings hurt and confusion is kept to a minimum.

    Wording for a 5-Year-Old's Birthday Party

    A kid's birthday provides a significant moment for parents to step up as party planners. Around the age of 5, kids also start making friends in preschool and kindergarten. A birthday party brings friends together and shows off a child's personality. When you get the decorations and activities just right, the words for banners, cards and cakes set the mood for each area of the party. Parties work best for kids when you have a theme, which allows kids to dress up, get involved with different activities and use imagination. Themed birthdays also allow for specific wording choices to spice up any 5-year-old's party.

    Invite Wording for a Skate Birthday Party

    Skating parties keep the birthday boy or girl moving on their special day. These parties are easily planned because the activity is built-in to the party's theme -- skating. Use phrases for the invitations that are expressions used with roller skating, ice skating or skateboarding to prompt the kids excitement about the birthday party.