Birthday Party Invitation Ideas for Camping

by Jen Kim
Campfires are the best part of any camping trip.

Campfires are the best part of any camping trip.

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The best way to prepare for an adventurous birthday camping trip is to send out homemade camp-themed invitations to your guests. Even if they aren't fans of nature and sunburns, they will surely appreciate your woodsy design ideas, which include campfires, s'mores and tents. Use basic household and crafting materials to make these inexpensive and creative invitation cards.

Tent Invitation

Make a simple tent-shaped invitation to get your guests excited about sleeping under the stars. Use origami paper or construction paper and cut it into 4-by-8-inch rectangles. Set the paper lengthwise and draw a straight line from the center of the top edge to the bottom left and right corners. You should have a triangle shape. Fold the top left and right corners on those lines and crease the paper. The folds should create a tent shape. Write the invitation text under the flaps.

Campfire Invitation

Use tissue paper to emulate a real-life campfire for this clever card. Cut card stock squares 5-by-5 inches each. You can also use other sturdy paper, such as poster board or chip board. Collect small 1-inch-long twigs and adhere them onto the card stock, using a glue gun. Cut flames from red, orange and yellow tissue paper. Layer the flames on top of one another and adhere them, using a glue stick. On the back of the card stock, write the birthday-party invitation.

Marshmallow Sticks and S'mores

Every good campfire must have s'mores and roasted marshmallows; give your guests a sneak peak on what delicious treats they're in for. Cut 4-by-8-inch cards from card-stock paper and fold it in half. Find small twigs or toothpicks and skewer the pointy ends into a mini marshmallow. Dab some glue on the underside of the marshmallow and the twig and stick it onto the cover of the card. To make the graham cracker, glue on a square piece of corrugated cardboard. Finally, glue on a wrapped, miniature chocolate bar.

What to Include

In addition to providing basic information about the time, location and RSVP details for the camping trip, parents and guests will appreciate a comprehensive packing list, including basic camping gear -- sleeping bag, towel, flashlight, pillow and toiletries. You can also include an expected itinerary of the trip as well as a small map of the camp site. These extras help folks prepare and plan for the trip.

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