Birthday Party Ideas in Philadelphia, PA

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Philadelphia is replete with birthday party venues, entertainment and opportunities to appeal to the interests of a party group of any age. Combine learning with entertainment, have an afternoon of adventure, or relax and enjoy an evening of musical talent. You can plan a party at a themed venue or organize a night out on the town with a close group of your best friends.


Young animal lovers can spend the day enjoying the company of exotic and domestic creatures at the Philadelphia Zoo. The zoo offers daytime party packages for groups of at least 10 people, with private party areas, interactive presentations and a gift for each guest. Children at least five years of age can also explore the zoo at night through an overnight party adventure with nighttime hikes through the zoo, interactive animal experiences, games and crafts. Inquisitive children can visit a multitude of interactive, completely hands-on exhibits at the Please Touch Museum. The party group can learn about X-rays, nutrition and the weather, and try out a flying machine, build a car, find their way through a maze and ride on a carousel. Party packages at the museum include admission for the day for each guest, a private party room, food and drinks and a gift for the guest of honor.


Host a birthday party at a gymnastics or circus center where preteens can work out some energy and try some new things. The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts offers birthday party packages that let you accommodate the timid as well as the brave. The Circus Party package offers guests the opportunity to learn a variety of circus arts, such as juggling, plate spinning and low rope walking. For the more daring party group, the Aerial Party offers a concentrated lesson in rope walking, the static trapeze and other aerial arts. Arrange a birthday party at an indoor rock climbing venue for a group of preteens for a combination of fun, adventure and exercise. The Philadelphia Rock Gym offers party packages with two hours of climbing with expert staff members to help the group learn basic techniques and to keep the event safe. Each package includes all the gear the group will need for their climb and a pizza lunch when the climbing is done.

Teenagers and Young Adults

Arrange a birthday party at a movie theater when the guest of honor's favorite movie is about to be released. Guests can spend the afternoon or evening feeling like VIPs at the Rave Motion Pictures University, where party packages include special reserved seating in the auditorium for the group. Other package extras include a private party room to enjoy lunch or dinner before the movie, a personal attendant to help with food service, and popcorn, drinks and candy to enjoy through the movie. Sports enthusiasts and music lovers alike can plan a birthday celebration event at the Wells Fargo Center. The sports stadium and concert venue offers exciting entertainment throughout the year. Plan an evening out with a close group of friends. For a party on a tight budget, arrange for discount or low-cost seats at a sports game or concert and have a bite to eat before the event. For a frivolous night out, arrange for limousine transportation from the guest of honor's home and enjoy a late night dinner at a nearby restaurant afterwards.

Mature Adults

Instead of a traditional birthday gathering at a home or themed venue, consider arranging for an evening of music and theatrical entertainment for the guest of honor. Invite a few close friends and visit one of Philadelphia's theaters or centers for performing arts. The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts offers a variety of visiting entertainment throughout the year, and guests can enjoy a dinner on-site before or after the event. The Academy of Music offers a combination of Broadway hits, ballet performances, operas and other musical offerings all year long.

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