Birthday Party Ideas for Little Girls and 2-Year-Olds

by Rebecca Mayglothling

Planning a birthday party for little girls and 2-year-old children is difficult; however, it can be done with some creativity. A parent attempting to have a party for a little girl and for a 2-year-old probably has two children of differing ages. Grab a friend to help out, and use the same theme to entertain the little girls and the 2-year-old children in attendance.

Princess Parties

Little girls love princesses. Encourage guests to dress up in princess costumes, and use princess decorations. Play princess games such as pin the crown on the princess, and allow the 2-year-old children to use stickers to pin shoes on the princess. Give the 2-year-old children an area with a bubble machine where they can chase bubbles and play together while the little girls play a more age-appropriate game.

Fairy Parties

Give guests at a fairy party child-safe wings to wear. Allow children to flutter around with their wings, and offer glitter glue on a newspaper-covered surface for all ages to use in making fairy bookmarks. Offer the older girls butterfly barrettes, and give the 2-year-old children fairy-themed toys, such as stuffed fairies or large plastic blocks to build a fairy home. Decorate with fairies everywhere, and use tulle to drape over the entryway. Allow little girls to pass through the entryway, and use leftover tulle with the 2-year-old children who will enjoy passing the material over their faces and heads.

Favorite Characters

Celebrate the guest of honor's favorite character. Many popular characters will have games and decorations available that are appropriate for different age levels. Grab some games for each age group, and set up different areas for each group. Make sure that the areas are surrounded by images of the character, or include toys in the shape of the character, such as fish toys for a fish-themed water party.

Animal Themes

Animal themes span the bridge of age. Many children love animals, and this theme extends to others, such as a jungle or zoo theme. Pictures are used for decoration, and pinatas are popular at such parties. With a little boost, the 2-year-old children are able to take a swing at the pinata, though chances are they will not break it. Place plastic animals on a table for playing for both ages, and start a game of charades for the older group. Turn on animal-based music, and watch both groups dance together.

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