Birthday Party Ideas for a Horse-Theme Sleepover

by Kyra Sheahan
Use horses to inspire a birthday sleepover theme.

Use horses to inspire a birthday sleepover theme.

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Bring out the inner equestrian in your child by hosting a birthday sleepover party with a horse theme. Horse-themed parties give you a variety of entertaining activities to put together so that the birthday child and friends can celebrate in style. Find ways to incorporate horse-themed concepts, such as ponies, ranches and the Wild West, into your party ideas.


Prepare your home for the sleepover party by decorating it with signs. You can hang a sign on your front door that says "The Ranch" or put a sign in front of the birthday child's door that reads "The Stables." Make the sign look rustic by using natural wood and painting on it with black acrylic paint.


Make a small pile of hay on the table and set real or imitation horseshoes on top of the hay for kids to look at while they eat cake. Or, if you want to attempt a western horse theme, decorate with pots of cacti and miniature Native American rugs in bright colors.


Inform your child's friends ahead of time that the sleepover party will have a horse theme. Encourage them to come dressed up in a horse-themed costume. Some kids may opt to dress up like cowgirls, stable girls, equestrian riders or even polo players. You can turn this detail of the party into an activity by hosting a costume contest for the most creative horse-themed outfit.


Play horse-themed movies during the sleepover. Movies like "Wild Hearts Can't be Broken," "Black Beauty," "Seabiscuit" and "Secretariat" make good choices for kids' films about horses. Make the movie a formal activity with popcorn and other treats, or have the movies playing in the background while the kids do other things.

Arts and Crafts

Offer a craft activity such as making horse stable dioramas. A horse stable diorama can be made out of a cardboard box, hay, twigs and horse figurines. A less complex arts and crafts project is for kids to color in pictures of horses with crayons, or decorate plastic horses with puff paint, glitter glue, sequins and other embellishments.


Serve ranch-style food such as barbeque hamburgers or hotdogs, corn on the cob, baked beans and pie. Or set out snacks and give them horse-related names such as "Horse Hay" for pretzel sticks and "Crispy Saddles" for potato chips. For the birthday cake, have a horse decoration on top. This may mean setting a small plastic figurine of a horse on the icing, or having your baker draw an image of the horse into the icing.

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