Birthday Party Ideas & Games for 10-Year-Olds

by Barbara Gulin
Make your child's 10th birthday party a memorable event.

Make your child's 10th birthday party a memorable event.

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Celebrating your child's 10th birthday -- the first "double digit" birthday -- can be fun and yet difficult to plan. Your child is no longer "little," nor is she old enough for a "teen" theme. Your child may have grandiose ideas of an expensive party of some sort, but your wallet may not want (or be able) to participate. Not to worry, though. Whether your child is a future star athlete or a princess-in-the-making, you'll be able to find a suitable theme and games for your 10-year-old's celebration.

Horseback Riding

This theme works for boys and girls alike. For boys, you can go with more of a "rodeo" theme (think horseshoes and attempting to rope a wooden "calf" for games). Girls might appreciate a campfire and s'mores, and decorating cowgirl hats as a craft. For either gender, make a point of taking a picture of each child riding a horse to include in the thank-you cards as a personalized memory of the party.

Swimming Party

Again, this can be a fun party for both boys and girls. Don't dismiss the idea if you are celebrating a winter birthday; an indoor pool can be a great venue for a winter "beach" party. For party games, use diving sticks to see who can collect the most points or have a race to see who can swim across the pool the fastest. Find out ahead of time if there will be a lifeguard on duty or if you will need to bring extra adults along to ensure everyone's safety.

Sports Theme

Think about a day at the batting cages or the driving range. It will provide structured activity for busy kids, although you may need a couple of extra parents to help supervise the activities. Your local ice rink may offer a hockey-themed party, or a soccer field may offer a skills clinic for birthday parties.

Ceramics and Pottery

If your child is on the artistic side, contact your local ceramics shop to see if it offers a birthday party package. If not, see if you can arrange to bring the party attendees to the studio to create their own artwork/party favors. You may want to go to the studio in advance and either pick out a specific item that the kids will paint, or find a selection of different items in a similar price range. If the shop doesn't host parties, it's important to work with the employees in advance to ensure that they have an adequate inventory of the item you want the kids to be able to paint. As a follow-up, kids could "paint" cookies with frosting for birthday treats.

Cooking School

If you have a chef-in-training, there may be a local culinary school that offers cooking birthday parties. This is also a theme that you can host at home if you have enough space. Help the kids make their own pizzas, and give them aprons and paper chef hats (that they can decorate) as party favors.

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