Birthday Party Ideas for an Elderly Lady

by Edith Quinn
Regardless of your age, celebrate your birthday in style.

Regardless of your age, celebrate your birthday in style.

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Regardless of age, everyone enjoys celebrating their birthday with a party, including the elderly. Coming up with exciting and novel ideas for an elderly lady's birthday party may seem arduous when trying to incorporate the birthday celebrant's interests or any health issues she may have. By using some simple but creative ideas. you can host a party that all ages will enjoy.


From young to old, everyone loves movies. Organize a movie-themed birthday party featuring the birthday lady's favorite movies or films featuring her favorite movie stars. Bring a touch of Old Hollywood to your festivities by encouraging your guests to dress like movie stars of the particular era you've selected. Roll out the red carpet, literally, by placing a red carpet at the front entrance to the party room. Guests can strut their stuff before raising their glasses to toast the birthday lady.

Birthday Open House

Invite the birthday lady's closest friends to a birthday open house. Similar to a birthday party, an open house lets guests to stop by during a specific period of time to wish the birthday celebrant a happy birthday. To get the word out, place an ad in your local newspaper. Since old friends will be attendance, dust off old photographs and albums of the birthday lady's past birthdays. When having difficulties finding photographs in your own collection, look through photo albums belonging to relatives and close friends. Make copies, and place the photos on display for everyone to enjoy.


Everyone loves to play games because they're fun and bring out the competitive spirit out of the quietest senior. If the birthday lady is a card shark, organize a bridge, euchre or canasta tournament, complete with prizes for the top winners. Lawn bowling can appeal to everyone's tastes and can be played outdoors or indoors, allowing you the flexibility to hold your party regardless of the weather. A birthday party with a trivia theme can get party guests, regardless of their age, actively involved in the festivities.


Bring back the old-time rural auction of yesteryear by hosting an auction-themed birthday party. Purchase low-cost items, such as candy, toiletries and gardening supplies, and put them on the auction block. Instead of having the birthday celebrant and her guests use their own money to purchase items, hand out play money instead to encourage competitive bidding. To make your auction-themed party more authentic, find a professional auctioneer to oversee the proceedings.

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