Birthday Party Ideas for a Class Teacher

by Erica Harisson

Classroom teachers love their "kids," and one way to show that is with a party. Involve your students and their parents in setting up a celebration they are sure to remember. Elicit the help of classroom parents and volunteers in collecting supplies. Kids love to help and will be sure to enjoy creating the decorations and the snacks for your classroom birthday party.

Ask for Volunteers

Many parents are looking for an activity to do with and for their kids. Use these parents and volunteers to help you set up classroom birthday parties. Let them participate in selecting a theme and purchasing what you need. Put up a calendar with the kids' birthdays and celebrate each month's birthdays as a group. The kids will enjoy knowing who has a birthday around the same time as their own.


Decide with the parents what type of snacks you want to serve and have them bring in the ingredients. Then break the preparation into small steps in which the kids can participate. Creating a fruit salad or mixing muffins, decorating cookies or cupcakes is both educational and engaging. They will enjoy the party even more when they get to eat what they worked so hard to make.


Changing the classroom by adding decorations can make a party even more exciting. Ask your parent volunteers for help in collecting art supplies. Have younger students create birthday signs or pictures by finger painting or painting with a brush. They can practice using scissors to cut out the signs. Older students can create birthday cards with personalized messages and will still enjoy painting and working with construction paper.

Activities and Games

A birthday party is more enjoyable when kids can play games. If the classroom setting requires games with a lower volume, consider a game of Telephone or Charades. Imagine the laughs you will get with these games that require students remain focused and attentive. Bingo is a game kids will love that will keep them in their seats. In an environment with more room, and that can handle more racket, you can stage a scavenger hunt or musical chairs. These activities will get the kids moving and are sure to entertain.

About the Author

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