Birthday Party Ideas for a 5 Year Old in the St. Louis Area

by Lisa Finn Google

Turning five years old is a magical time in a child's life. Kindergarten is on the horizon and learning through play happens every day. A five-year old's birthday party is a special celebration mainly because, at five, children have already began developing friendships and interests of their own. St. Louis offers a plethora of birthday activities perfect for the child turning five. Whether you choose indoor games, being with animals or swimming like a fish, there is sure to be a party venue that satisfies every guest.


Host a five-year-old's party at a St. Louis museum and you are sure to please even the most discriminating little Picaso. Children view fascinating artifacts and objects in addition to interactive exhibits that cater to their curiosity. The City Museum, for example, offers a birthday package in which you reserve a room and feast on brick-oven pizza, drinks and cookies for a maximum of two hours. Bring in balloons and decorations, additional entertainment and party favors to round out this exciting event.


If you have an animal whisperer on your hands, consider hosting an animal party. Reserve the "Dynamic Discovery Party" at the Saint Louis Zoo, and choose either Caring Keepers, Animal Safari or Zoolympians as the theme. Recommended for children ages four and older, this party offers activities in the Insectarium and a variety of animals to touch. Or, head to Grant's Farm where children can visit with the pigs and horses, in addition to feeding goats and camels. Meals for 10 children are provided in the outdoor gazebo.


At five years old, children love to show off their new-found swimming styles. Splash in wading pools, enjoy a ride down a tiny water slide and relax in a lazy river with 10 of your child's closest friends. Raging Rivers features a birthday package that includes use of the birthday deck all day, pizza, ice cream, a balloon bouquet and more. Or, have the party in your own backyard. Hire a lifeguard and enjoy while children swim, splash in sprinklers and chase each other with water toys.


Gaming and food makes the perfect five-year-old's day. Choose a venue such as America's Incredible Pizza Company where your child's invitations and thank-you notes are part of the package. Birthday packages include a private party room, a spin on the prize wheel, tickets to play mini golf, Skeeball and admission to Tiny Town. Also consider a sweet party at a venue like Crown Candy Kitchen. The children eat a meal in the dining area and then enjoy malts, ice cream and sundaes for dessert. Afterward, allow the kids to fill a bag with candy from Crown Candy Kitchen's delectable assortment.

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