Birthday Party Games for Juveniles

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Keep your birthday kids occupied with exciting games.

Keep your birthday kids occupied with exciting games.

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Kids enjoy birthday parties that include fun party games, best friends and plenty to eat. After you invite the guests and plan your menu, your next task requires you to choose the best party games for your pack of juvenile celebrants. If you have the space and the energy to keep up with active children, you can provide the kids with a very memorable birthday party.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Kids love scavenger hunts and will enjoy participating in one during a birthday party. This scavenger hunt works inside or outside. Hide the items necessary for your birthday feast, the party gifts for the birthday honoree or the items needed for other birthday activities. Divide the guests into teams to create a sense of competition and motivation for team members to work together. Provide individual clues, a list of items and a map or a combination of methods to direct your hunters to find their loot.

Defend Your Territory

In the hot summer weather, a water balloon fight or water cannon fight to defend territory expends the excess energy created by birthday cake, ice cream and sugary drinks. Provide your teams with the necessary ammunition and map out the defendable boundaries. Your backyard, an area park or an empty playing field offer ideal locations for this activity. A flag, team member bandanas or a team banner give the opposing team something to target. Instruct the children to avoid personal altercations and injuries if they want to continue the fun.

Indoor Games

Interior games offer opportunities for birthday fun and games if you live in an apartment or the weather is uncooperative. Guessing games such as charades, trivia or general knowledge competitions can use birthday party topics or information about your birthday honoree. For example, in a charades or drawing game, your items include birthday cake, gifts, birthday, invitations and candles. Playing a birthday party version of "Family Feud" includes questions such as favorite birthday gifts of boys, favorite flavors of birthday cake or the family member most likely to give you a birthday gift you hate.

Relay Races

Relay races offer both indoor and outdoor options. Take messy options such as shooting a water cannon at a beach ball to propel it down the field to a goal or running with cups of water outside. Pushing a ball with your nose or passing a "baby" from one rescuer to another work well indoors. Offer small prizes for the winning team or award them homemade ribbons. Your best option includes a combination of games where everyone wins at least once.

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