Birthday Party Games for Grown-Ups

by Anya Meave
Select birthday party games everyone can participate in.

Select birthday party games everyone can participate in.

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Birthday party games are often enjoyed by kids, while grown-ups look on and laugh. Although grown-ups may seem too big and clumsy to join in the fun, there are birthday party games grown-ups can enjoy, and, in turn, amuse kids. Play birthday party games that test the agility and thinking skills of each adult. Create a pleasing atmosphere that keeps guests entertained and busy with delightful activities all guests can enjoy.

Lottery Party Game

Add a cultural element to a grown-up birthday party with the Mexican version of bingo known as "loteria," or lottery. Supply each guest with a board and 16 dry beans. Shuffle the deck of cards and read each card aloud to the players. Each player must search for the image on her board that has been read out loud and place a dry bean on the indicated image. The first player that fills his entire board with beans and yells "Loteria!" wins the game. Spanish-speaking hosts may create or read rhymes written on the back of each loteria card as well, to allow players to guess the image based on the rhyme.

Balloon Party Game

Make noise at a grown-up birthday party with latex balloons. Fill latex balloons with air and fill two large trash bags with them. Place party guests in two straight lines, 4 feet away from each other, and set two chairs 20 feet away from each line. Set a balloon-filled bag at the side of each chair. Instruct each adult at the head of the lines to run to the chair at the head of her line when the host yells "Go" and grab one balloon from the trash bag near it. She must place the balloon on the chair and sit on the balloon until it pops. After popping her balloon, she must run back to the next player in her line, who repeats the task. The first line that pops all the balloons in its bag wins the game.

Dictionary Party Game

Test each guest's vocabulary at a birthday party with a dictionary game. Select a person to lead the game and give each guest a sheet of paper and pencil. The leader selects a word from the dictionary and reads the word to the players out loud. If guests cannot define the word, they must write their own definition of the word on the sheet of paper. The leader then collects each player's sheet and reads each definition out loud. Players select and write down which definition they thought was correct amongst those read aloud. After all definitions have been read, the leader reads the dictionary definition aloud. Points are awarded to players who get the definition right.

Bubble Gum Party Game

Allow guests to get messy at a grown-up birthday party with a bubble gum party game. Place four disposable plates on a table and set one gumball on each plate. Cover the surface of the plate with whipped cream until the gumball is hidden. Select four players to participate in the game and instruct each player to place his hands behind his back. When the host yells "Go," players search for the gumball on each plate with their mouths. Once the player has found the gumball, he must chew the gum and blow a large bubble without popping it. The player who accomplishes the task first wins the game.

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