Birthday Party Games for Girls Turning 12

by James Roland
At age 12, girls want more interesting party games.

At age 12, girls want more interesting party games. Images

Girls love games, but traditional birthday party games like pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs are generally no longer considered cool once girls reach age 12. Ramp up the fun with slightly more advanced party games. Silly group activities, games in the dark and games to make them use their creativity should do the trick.

Shopping Bag Showtime

Shopping is the official sport of some girls, so this game will really appeal to them. First, fill two shopping bags with five to 10 items from around your house, such as a cloth napkin, a tooth brush, a flip flop and a spatula. Make each bag different. Divide the girls into two groups and give one bag to each group. Now inform them that they have 15 minutes to come up with a skit, song or commercial based on the items in the bags. After 15 minutes each group must perform for the other.

Rainbow Spin the Bottle

Have the 12-year-olds sit in a circle on the floor. Place five colors of bright nail polish in the center. The birthday girl gets to spin a nail polish bottle on its side. The girl the cap points to after the bottle spins must then paint one finger nail or toe nail with that bottle of nail polish; she then spins the next bottle, choosing whichever color she wants. The process continues to see which girl will be the first to get all toes and fingers polished.

Dancin' in the Dark

At age 12 most girls are no longer afraid of the dark. That's perfect for a game of dancing in the dark. Make sure you have a dance floor large enough for the group, and tell girls not to move around the space too much so they don't hurt themselves. Stand by the music and light switches. Tell the girls to start dancing when the music goes on. A few seconds after the music starts, turn out the lights for 15 to 30 seconds. Turn the lights back on and turn off the music at the same time. Whoever is seen still dancing when the lights come back on is out. The last dancer wins.

Glow in the Dark Hot Potato

Another fun music in the dark game uses a flexible glow necklace. Wrap the necklace around an object such as a stuffed animal. The object does not have to be a potato. Have the 12-year-olds sit in a circle, turn the music on and have them start passing the glow-in-the-dark object. Turn off the lights for 10 to 20 seconds, then stop the music and turn the lights back on at the same time. Whoever is holding the object is out.

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