Birthday Party Games for Five-Year-Olds

by Krystal Miller
Create relay races with balloons for 5-year-olds.

Create relay races with balloons for 5-year-olds.

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Bring some excitement to your child's fifth birthday party with entertaining games for the children to play. Since many 5-year-olds have a short attention span, it is best to plan games that are easy, simple and do not last long. Keep the children interested and trying their best by awarding prizes such as themed-party favors and small toys to all game winners.

Funny Games

Divide the children into groups of three or four and have each team decide on a team "mummy." Give each team two rolls of toilet paper. When you say "Wrap," the players must wrap their team "mummy" with the rolls of toilet paper. The first team to cover their "mummy" and use all the toilet paper wins the game. For another funny game, place a bowl of raisins on a table. Have one player at a time stand in front of the bowl and try to use chopsticks to remove as many raisins as he can from the bowl. The child who removes the most raisins from the bowl in one minute using only the chopsticks wins the game. You can also use two bowls and have two children compete at a time to see who can remove the most raisins from the bowls using the chopsticks.

Balloon Relay Races

Mark a starting line and finish line 20 feet apart. Divide the players into two teams and tell them to line up at the starting line. Give each player an inflated balloon. When you say "Race," the first player in each team line must place the balloon on the ground. She must kick the balloon to the finish line and back to the starting line. Each player must do the same thing. The first team to finish the relay wins the game. Other variations include having the children place the balloon between their legs and hitting the balloon up in the air, to and from the finish line.

Water Games

Fill a plastic swimming pool with water and several dozen marbles. Have a child stand in the pool with his shoes and socks off. When you say "Go," he has 30 seconds to pick up as many marbles as he can using only his toes and place them in a bowl outside the pool. The player who grabs the most marbles in 30 seconds wins the game. If you have two swimming pools, make this a race by seeing who can pull the most marbles out of the pool in 30 seconds between two players. To make the game more difficult, blindfold the players.

Scavenger Hunt Games

Create scavenger lists with items the children can find outdoors, such as a twig, green leaf, black rock or blade of grass. Give each team a list of 25 nature items and tell the teams to start hunting for the items. The first team to find 20 of the 25 items wins the game. You can also create an indoor hunt by hiding random items around the play area like an apple, a pink blanket and a bottle of red nail polish.

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