Birthday Party Games for 3 to 7 Years

by Krystal Miller
Plan fun game for your child's next birthday party.

Plan fun game for your child's next birthday party.

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When planning a birthday party for your child, chances are you will have children of all ages attending. Create a few party games that children age 3 to 7 can enjoy. Make the games simple and easy, but give all the kids a chance to win prizes. Even the little ones can enjoy playing party games, especially when they win prizes for participation and effort.

Animal Games

Play a game of animal charades by dividing the children into two teams. Be sure to mix up the ages so the older children can help the younger children. Select one child from one team to go first. Whisper an animal in his ear. He has 30 seconds to act and sound out the animal for his team to guess. If they guess correctly, they earn a letter to the words "Happy Birthday." The first team to spell out "Happy Birthday" wins the game. Children can also play this game individually by having one child come up at a time to act out an animal. The first player to guess three animals correctly wins a birthday party favor.

Balloon Games

Tie "Happy Birthday" balloons to both ankles of each child with a piece of yarn. When you say "Pop," the children must walk around trying to pop the balloons of other players by stepping on them. The last player with one balloon left wins the game. Give the birthday child an advantage by giving her four balloons instead of two. You can also play this game in teams by having each team wear the same color balloons. When a player's balloons pop, he is out of the game. The last player left wins the game for her team. Award themed party favors to game winners.

Prize Games

Write a number on several sheets of paper and place them in a large circle on the ground. For added decoration, write "Happy Birthday" on each sheet of paper with the number. Write the same numbers on small pieces of paper and place the numbers in a cup. Play party music and have the children dance around the numbers. When the music stops, draw one or two numbers from the cup. The children standing on those numbers win a prize. Try another prize game of prize fishing in which each child is a winner. Place a piece of duct tape on the end of some yarn with the sticky side out, and tie the yarn to a wooden dowel. Hang a sheet in a door frame about halfway up and place a bucket of candy on the other side. Children will toss the tape end over the sheet to try to grab a prize from the bucket. Have an adult on the other side of the sheet to make sure each child gets a prize.


Use masking tape to mark a starting line and finish line 25 feet apart. Give each child a plastic spoon and a ping-pong ball. When you say "Race," the kids must place the ball on the spoon and race to the finish line. If they drop the ball, they must start over at the starting line. The first player across the finish line who yells "Happy Birthday (birthday boy)" wins the race. Allow young children a five-foot head start in front of the other children or children around the same ages compete against each other. For a messy version, have the children carry raw eggs instead of ping-pong balls.

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