Birthday Invitation Wording for Siblings

by Tamiya King
Twins can share a birthday but still feel individually special.

Twins can share a birthday but still feel individually special.

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If you're having a joint birthday party for your twins, triplets, or children who celebrate a birthday in the same month, it's important to compose an invitation that showcases all the guests of honor. Invites that incorporate the celebration's theme can be colorful and attractive. They will also help guests remember the party's details.

"Big Fun" Invitations

Word the invitations in a way that lets guests know that the party will prove to be huge fun for all involved, as the guest of honor list is longer than usual. Say something like "It's the event of the year! (Children's names) are turning (age)! Come join the crowd as we enjoy great food, good music, and unforgettable fun!" Use invitations in the shape of concert or sporting event tickets if your children are music or sports fans.

Two-Sided Invitations

Utilize each side of the invitation paper to express your children's personalities in the invite. For instance, use blue and yellow stickers to display your son's favorite colors on his side of the invite, or border the paper in small images of trucks or cars. Turn the paper over and add a pink or purple satin ribbon border to your daughter's side of the invite before spraying it with glitter.

"Then and Now" Invitations

Use the top of the invitation to display a picture of your children when they were babies, and the bottom half to showcase a recent picture of your kids. Include the party details in the center of the invite, such as the time, date and location of the joint birthday celebration. This invitation style is ideal for a milestone birthday, such as when your twins turn 16.

Sectioned Invitations

Allow each of your children to lend their personal touches to the invitation, and to state the details in their own words. For instance, allow your five-year-old to start the invitation with "Come to our party! It's gonna be so fun!" Your eight-year-old can help provide the event's specifications with something like "We're having the party at the park by our house at (time) and (date). It's a picnic!" Add the exact address and RSVP details before sending the invites to guests.

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