Birthday Games for an Olympic-Themed Party for Teens

by Audrey Farley
Olympic-themed parties are fun for young and old.

Olympic-themed parties are fun for young and old.

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Teenage birthday parties are sometimes themed. Whether invited guests are males, females or coed, an Olympic-themed birthday party is sure to be enjoyed by all. Decorations for an Olympics theme might include tiki torches to symbolize the Olympic torch or miniature flags from around the world. You can also distribute medals for guests to wear. For an Olympic-themed party, there are also various fun games and contests for guests to play.

Toss It

"Toss It" is a popular birthday party game in which pairs compete against each other tossing an egg or water balloon. After each toss, partners take a step back from each other. If the object breaks, the pair is disqualified. The pair that outlasts all the other pairs wins. However, this game can be adapted to an Olympic-themed party if pairs toss plastic rings, such as pool rings. The colors for Olympic rings are red, green, yellow, black and blue. Since rings will not break, pairs will be disqualified if a partner fails to catch the ring. This game is best played outdoors.


Another fun game for teenage birthday parties is horseshoes. But instead of using horseshoes, use plastic rings in honor of the Olympic rings. Regular horseshoe stakes will work, but you can be creative if none are available. Stick a wooden paint stirrer into the ground for a stake, or use soda bottles. If bottles have been emptied, put rocks in the bottom to secure upright.

Hula Olympic Rings

Create the Olympic rings image with hula hoops on the grass. Then distribute a tennis ball to each guest. Instruct guests to write their name on the ball with a permanent marker. Have guests stand a distance away from the hula hoops and throw the ball to land in one of the rings. Assign point values to the ring colors. Give guests five opportunities to throw the ball. The guest with the highest score wins.


Invite guests to arrive dressed as their favorite Olympic athlete. However, ask guests not to wear a jersey or other apparel that reveals the athlete's name. Also ask them to come with two to three clues to give guests about their persona. For instance, a clue might include the athlete's country of origin or other biographical detail. At the party, have guests try to guess who each person is representing. You can also have guests vote for the best costume or the most creative costume.


Charades can be a very fun game for teenagers and adults. Charades is easily adapted to reflect an Olympic theme, if you make your own charades cards. Write the names of famous Olympic athletes on index cards. You can also include Olympic sports or events that the teenagers will have to creatively enact. Divide teenagers into two teams to play.

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