Birthday Background Themes

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A background theme for a birthday party makes it more memorable.

A background theme for a birthday party makes it more memorable.

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While the main focus of a birthday party is always the birthday, you can add an interesting twist to the occasion by combining the celebration with a specific background theme. It doesn't matter whether your theme is obvious or obscure, as long as it pertains to the guest of honor in a meaningful way. Make a list of the hobbies and interests of the birthday boy or girl, and choose one to use as your party theme.

International Themes

Almost everyone has another country they dream of visiting some day. Find out which country your guest of honor holds dear, and build a birthday party theme around that nation. Choose an Australian theme, and ask everyone to speak with Aussie accents. Decorate you venue with stuffed kangaroos, Aboriginal art, sharks and dolphins. Alternatively, choose a German theme. Serve authentic German beers, bratwurst, sauerkraut and apple streudel. Clear the center of the floor, and play lots of lively polka music for your guests to dance to.

Historic Themes

When your guest of honor enjoys history, choose a theme that offers a blast from the past. Opt for a time period as recent as the 1960s. Play music by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, ask everyone to dress in miniskirts and bell-bottoms and hand out strands of love beads at the door. If you'd rather travel further back in time, choose the settling of the Old West. Ask your guests to come dressed as cowboys and Indians, and serve food like charbroiled burgers and baked beans or soup beans and cornbread. To really liven things up, rent a mechanical bull, and let your attendees test their skills as they compete for the longest ride.

Elegant Themes

When you prefer a birthday party theme with a touch of class, there are several ways you can go. Organize an afternoon tea party in the British tradition. Serve hot, brewed tea with milk and sugar in fine china teapots and cups, cucumber sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Decorate with the Union Jack and play "God Save the Queen" when your guest of honor enters the room. Another elegant idea is a Roaring Twenties party. Invite your guests to come dressed as flappers and gangsters. Decorate the hall like a speakeasy, and play classic songs from the period.

Kids' Themes

Adults aren't the only ones who enjoy a themed birthday party. Kids especially love a chance to play make-believe. Hold a martial arts birthday party for a child who loves his karate lessons more than anything. Play party games and award belts of various colors to the winners. Spread mats on the floors, and invite the kids to show each other their latest moves. Instead, hold a clown birthday party. Stock up on a variety of face paints, and recruit the teenagers in the family to paint the faces of all attendees like clowns. Hire a real clown to make an appearance at the party and entertain the kids by making balloon animals.

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