Bingo Game for Preschoolers

by Brenda Priddy
Preschoolers will have fun playing classic bingo or bingo variations.

Preschoolers will have fun playing classic bingo or bingo variations.

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The classic bingo game uses a combination of letters and numbers. Someone calls the letter/number combination, and if players have that combination on their board, they highlight or mark that square on the card. The first person to have five highlighted squares in a row wins the game. Preschoolers can play several modifications of the classic bingo game to master school concepts or just to have fun.

Number Bingo

Preschool is the perfect time to introduce small numbers to children. Typically, preschoolers master numbers 1 to 10, or 1 to 12. A bingo game with these numbers included on the sheet can help preschoolers learn to count. Use a combination of the written number or dots or shapes equaling different numbers to help preschoolers recognize the correlation between the written numbers and the number value.

Picture Bingo

Preschoolers can easily master picture bingo. This game is a way to add an element of fun to preschool. Choose a theme based around the holidays or a topic the preschoolers are currently studying in school. Write the names of each object under the picture to help preschoolers with sight reading skills. Choose one single theme per bingo game, such as animals, transportation, occupations, holiday themes or parts of the body.

Letter Bingo

Preschoolers can learn to distinguish between letters and the sounds that they make. While some preschoolers are not ready to string sounds together to read words, many of them can easily master letter recognition. Use a bingo game filled with letters to help preschoolers learn the letter names or sounds. Call the letter names during one game and the letter sounds during another to help the children master basic knowledge that will help them during kindergarten.

Themed Bingo

Use bingo games to help reinforce concepts taught to preschoolers during unit studies. Choose simple themes, such as things that are red, things that have sounds, things that start with the letter "F" or similar themes. This will help preschoolers develop critical thinking skills and reinforce the lessons they learned throughout the year. Use bingo games as a review format for past unit studies.

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