Bike Trails in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

by Don Kress
Cuyahoga Falls bike trails are paid for through local property taxes.

Cuyahoga Falls bike trails are paid for through local property taxes.

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Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, has two primary bike trails, along with several smaller trails that connect to the primary trails. All Cuyahoga Falls' bike trails are managed by the Summit county metroparks and are patrolled by park rangers, as well as volunteers just in case your bike breaks down. In addition, the trails are closed to all motorized vehicles, but are open to joggers and hikers. Unlike some trail systems, most of the bike trails in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, are isolated from vehicle roads or urban areas, meaning that most of the riding is done in the arms of nature herself.

Towpath Trail

Towpath Trail stretches from Cleveland to south Akron along a 110-mile route through the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation area. It travels alongside the border between Fairlawn, Cuyahoga Falls and Akron within the Cuyahoga Valley. The trail is open to bicycling and hiking, as well as horseback riding in some sections. In addition, there are several points along the way where riders can stop for meals or refreshments before continuing. The Towpath Trail is best accessed from Cuyahoga Falls using either the bike and hike trail listed or by riding down the hill at the Portage Trail extension to North Portage Path where it meets up with Riverview Road. If you drive, there are parking spaces at this part of the path, as well.

Bike and Hike Trail

The Summit County Bike and Hike Trail runs from Stow through Cuyahoga Falls to eventually meet up with the Towpath Trail north of Brandywine Falls. It covers a distance of 33 miles that is predominantly hard packed gravel riding or asphalt riding along abandoned railway lines. This also means that the trail is 90 percent rural, and has relatively few areas where you have to cross busy roads. Where the Bike and Hike Trail meets Route 8, there is a pedestrian bridge in place to safely see you over the busy thoroughfare.

Freedom Secondary Trail

Due to open in 2014, the Freedom Secondary Trail is planned to skirt the southeast border of Cuyahoga Falls, providing a route between Tallmadge Circle and Middlebury Road in Kent, where it meets up with the Portage Bike and Hike Trail. In addition, the trail will meet up with the Bike and Hike Trail, as well as the Tallmadge Trail to provide a complete trail route around Cuyahoga Falls' borders.

Tallmadge Bike and Hike Trail

The Tallmadge Bike and Hike Trail skirts the southeast border of Cuyahoga Falls, connecting Southwest Avenue to North Munroe Road. This path is a 2.9-mile bikeway that is a multi-purpose trail for bicycling, runners and hikers. Although it is relatively short, future plans for the trail include connecting it to the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic railway's connector in downtown Akron, where it will meet up with the Towpath Trail.

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