Big Rainbow Craft

by Krystal Miller
Children can show off their creativity making big rainbow crafts.

Children can show off their creativity making big rainbow crafts.

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Rainbow crafts provide children an entertaining and educational look into the arch of colors formed in the sky. If you are teaching your class about beautiful rainbows, allow them to work together to create big rainbow crafts you can display in the classroom throughout the year. Big rainbow crafts give the children a chance to build social skills, develop hand-to-eye coordination and learn how to work together.

Coloring Crafts

For a simple craft, place a long sheet of butcher paper on the floor and have the children use crayons to draw a large rainbow on the paper. Other ideas include using markers or paint to color the rainbow. Print a couple of rainbow pictures from the Internet for the children to use as a guide. For added decoration, have the children paint a thin layer of glue over the rainbow and sprinkle with glitter. This will make the rainbow sparkle.

Streamer Crafts

Children can use long, colorful streamers to make a big rainbow. Have an adult tape the end of several rolls of solid-colored crepe steamers at the top of an outdoor fence or wall. She will toss one roll at a time to the children who will tape the other end to the ground to create a large rainbow. Another idea is to use the crepe streamers to make a large rainbow on an indoor wall. For added decoration, have the children cut clouds out of card stock to glue around the rainbow or at the ends of the rainbow. The children can also make pots of gold to put at the ends of the rainbow.

Wreath Crafts

Make a big rainbow wreath craft using a large piece of cardboard and several sheets of tissue paper. Cut a wreath shape out of the cardboard. Have the children cut the tissue paper into squares. Layer each color around the wreath to create a rainbow pattern. Alternatively, you can make the rainbow wreath 3D by using the end of a round bottle. Take each square of tissue paper and wrap it around the bottom of the bottle. Place glue on the cardboard and press the square onto the cardboard. This will leave part of the tissue paper sticking up to create a 3D effect.

Other Crafts

Have the children cut their hand prints out of colored construction paper. Tape their hand prints on the wall in the shape of a rainbow. Alternatively, they can use their feet instead of their hands. Another idea is to place a large poster board or sheet of butcher paper on the ground. The children can make one large rainbow or several smaller rainbows using items like colored candies and Fruit Loop cereal.

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