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The cast of "The Big Bang Theory" delivers plenty of party ideas when in character.

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"The Big Bang Theory" is a television series airing on CBS. It follows a group of highly intelligent geeks as they try to assimilate with people of common denominator and shows how they frequently fail. It first was screened in 2007 and in 2011, attracted as many as 12 million viewers each week. The characters in the series, and their dialogues, give many ideas for a good party.


In the spirit of "The Big Bang Theory," use email, social networking channels, text messages or video link to distribute your invitation. If you should give the invitation by video link, dress like your favorite character from the show while in front of the camera. For the electronic messages, use Raj's memorable quote, "Tater tots and a party invitation. What a great day!"; follow it with "I'm having a party." Or write in an email some completely unrelated trivia, as often done in the series, including, "Did you know that 73 is the 21st prime number, it's mirror 37 is the 12th, and it's mirror 21 is the product of multiplying 7 and 3?" before giving the party details.


Costumes for a "Big Bang Theory" party are not difficult to choose as most people will have at least some of the items in the closet. For men, Converse shoes will be required, as well as brown trousers and geeky T-shirts that display things such as the periodic table. Furthermore, those dressed as Sheldon could sport a T-shirt with any number of superheroes, especially Green Lantern or the Flash. Women dressed as Penny may come as they please; Sheldon and Leonard are just happy to have women in their orbit.


In honor of Sheldon's white board, hang a large piece of white butcher paper horizontally on the wall in the party area. Write Einstein's theory of relativity, E=mc2, somewhere on the paper and ask your guests to contribute geeky comments, serious mathematical formulas or references to the series. It will not only be fun for the guests to write and read the comments, but you will have a nice piece of memorabilia. Other decorations can include any piece of science-fiction television series memorabilia or decor, including posters, action figures or picture print-outs from online sources.


When it comes to food at a "Big Bang Theory" party, you need to consider restrictions posed by the various characters. Leonard, the main character, has lactose intolerance while Penny is a vegetarian, unless she sees a steak. Sheldon has very strict preconceptions about what food to eat, which excludes anything that has sauce poured over it. Also remember that Raj, the Indian immigrant, dislikes Indian food and that Howard is allergic to peanuts. When you count in all food phobias and allergies mentioned in the series, you will realize that your party menu is reduced to Chinese and Thai food, and cubed chicken. If you mentioned tater tors in your invitation, offer them as well. If your budget allows for it, sushi will be much appreciated by true "The Big Bang Theory" geeks, but on the other hand, hamburgers also will be fine.


Like the party food, games also should follow the entertainment the geeks in the television series partake in. Among the games you can offer to your guests are "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock" tournaments, various video/computer games including "Halo," and a round of "Boggle," with reference to the "Klingon Boggle" played in the series. You also can prepare a quiz with questions related to the characters and plots in the series.

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