Bicycle Trails Around Perth Amboy, New Jersey

by Dan Harkins
Biking options are many in Perth Amboy.

Biking options are many in Perth Amboy. Images

Perth Amboy, New Jersey, sits on a peninsula overlooking Raritan Bay, across which can be seen New York City's borough of Staten Island. If you're looking for bicycling options in Perth Amboy, there's a range of city, county, state and national trails available -- both in and immediately outside the city.


Biking the waterfront in Perth Amboy is a natural. Along the city's southern and western shoreline, at the westernmost tip of Raritan Bay, the city maintains a stretch of parkland and biking trails along Sadowsky Parkway on the south of town, and along Water Street on the west. At the northern tip of the trail is the city's Bayview Park, which recently used funding from the state for a complete makeover.

Other Options in Town

The city's Washington Park isn't as sprawling a ride as the waterfront, but it offers bike and jogging trail around its perimeter. This serves as a landlocked alternative for residents living on the northwest edge of the city. The park is about six blocks east of Route 440, at New Brunswick and Lee avenues. For an added workout, loop Washington Park, then head southeast down New Brunswick Avenue to Smith Street, just a few blocks from Bayview Park and a waterfront trail. For expert riders, head over the Route 35 bridge and continue south until you reach the Henry Hudson Bike Trail, which extends for 22 miles along the southern edge of Raritan Bay.

Double Trouble State Park

Extending south from Perth Amboy to Cape May, Double Trouble State Park has bike trail loops throughout its 8,000-plus square acres. Stop along the way at historic sites that dot New Jersey's storied Pine Barrens, such as the cranberry packinghouse at historic Double Trouble Village, in operation more than a century. The park is best reached by the Garden State Parkway, at Pinewald-Keswick Road.

County Parks

Middlesex County maintains five parks within biking distance of Perth Amboy, each with biking trails. Old Bridge Waterfront Park just to the south of the city is 52 acres, with a 1.3 mile trail. Raritan Bay Waterfront Park is a 136-acre preserve in South Amboy. Trails also are available in three county parks in Woodbridge Township, just to the north of Perth Township: 18-acre Fords Park, 126-acre Warren Park and 39-acre Williams Memorial Park.

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