Bicycle Birthday Party Ideas

by Donni Jones
Throw a bicycle party for a cyclist.

Throw a bicycle party for a cyclist.

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A bicycle party is a good idea for a cycling enthusiast or a bike shop owner, or just something enjoyable to try with an upcoming get-together with your family or party with your friends. Tie the bicycle theme in with decorations, games, activities, prizes and food.

Prep Work

In your invitations, promise everyone they'll have a ride of a time at your bicycle birthday party. For added hilarity, ask everyone to come wearing bike shorts. Hang streamers, balloons and large cardboard bicycle parts and equipment: seats, helmets, wheels, baskets, water bottles, handles and locks. If you have a bicycle (or one you can borrow from a friend), prominently display it. Have a banner made reading "Bicycle Bash" or "Welcome, Riders!" As a centerpiece on the food and birthday gift tables, use a 10-inch or foot-long toy bicycle.

To Do

Play Pin the Wheel on the Bicycle. Separate guests into teams and to see who can assemble a simple kids' bicycle puzzle fastest. Watch a cycling-themed movie. For a kids' birthday, play "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure," about the theft of Pee-Wee's cherry-red vintage Schwinn. For adults, "American Flyers" starring Kevin Costner, about the famous Hell of the West bike race. Sing songs such as "Heart Like a Wheel" by Linda Ronsdtadt, "Let Me Ride" by Dr. Dre, "This Wheel's on Fire" by Bob Dylan and "Midnight Rider" by The Allman Brothers in a karaoke competition.

Good Rewards

Give bicycle-themed awards to game winners. Shop in dollar stores for bicycle magnets and key chains, tiny toy bicycles, stuffed animals on bicycles and notepads with a bicycle on the cover. For party favors to thank guests for coming, make bicycle refrigerator magnet keepsakes: paint the caps of beer bottles a variety of fun colors, glue a magnet to the inside of the cap, place a bicycle sticker on the front of the cap and spray on a top coat of clear varnish.

Apt Fare

Tie in party food by including a cycling term in the name of each dish. Examples include saddle sliders, apex eggrolls, bead burgers, cadence calzones, chips with derailleur dip and forks fruit skewers. Also use this technique with your drinks: mountainbike milkshakes for kids, modulation margaritas and cluster cosmopolitans for adults. At the bakery, have a birthday cake made that looks like a bike or wheel, or bake some cupcakes yourself and pipe onto each one such terms as "toe clip," "hyperglide," "paceline," "overgeared" and "relay."

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