Beyblade Birthday Party Ideas

by Krystal Miller

Beyblades are toy-spinning tops in which children pull rip cords to send the tops spinning into a Beystadium. The last top spinning is the winner. If your child loves the challenge of Beyblades, create a Beyblade-themed birthday party for him and his friends. From the invitations to the party games, add top-spinning action to create a memorable Beyblade party for your child.


Beyblade-themed invitations are available online and at many party supply stores. If you want to make your own, print pictures of Beyblades and write the party details on the back of each card. Tell each party guest to bring her best Beyblade to battle. For added decoration and excitement, attach a Beyblade toy to each invitation and hand deliver them to the party guests. This will allow any guest without a Beyblade a chance to battle at the party.


Use a variety of Beyblade-themed party decorations in the party area. Try Beyblade-themed party hats, foil balloons, favor boxes, blowouts, sticker sheets, a pinata, tattoo sheets and tableware. Print pictures of Beyblade accessories to hang around the party area. Tape small Beyblade pictures to balloon weights to create balloon bouquet table centerpieces. Other decorations ideas include placing Beyblade-themed toys, towels and shirts around the party area.


Make small round miniature pizzas and give the children a variety of toppings to decorate their pizzas like Beyblades. They can use pepperonis, cheese, hamburger meat, olives and small chunks of ham to decorate their own pizzas. Prepare round sugar cookies and allow the children to decorate the cookies like Beyblades, using icing pens. For the birthday cake, decorate a large round cake to look like an oversize Beyblade. Decorate a basic cake by simply drawing a Beystadium using an icing pen and placing Beyblades in the stadium.


Put a spin on classic games with a Beyblade theme. For example, play a game of "Pin the Beyblade in the Beystadium" instead of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," or "Hot Beyblade" instead of "Hot Potato." Host a one-on-one Beyblade tournament by having the children spin their own Beyblade toys into a Beystadium two at a time. Make a list and have each child spin off with another guest. The winners will continue to play the winners. Each time a child loses a spin-off he's out of the game. The last player remaining in the game wins.