Bejeweled Twist Challenge Mode Help

by Jeremy Cato

Bejeweled Twist, released in 2008 by Popcap Games, is a variation of the popular puzzle video game Bejeweled. In the original version, players earn points by aligning gems of the same color. The Twist version enhances play by allowing players to move four gems at once (as opposed to just two in the original). Bejeweled Twist has a "challenge" mode that is particularly difficult, but you can beat it with some help.

Explanation of Challenge Mode

The challenge mode of Bejeweled Twist includes 13 puzzle mini-games, each of which has seven, progressively challenging levels and an extra difficult Eclipse level. For each of the 13 mini-games, you must beat the first level of one game to unlock the next game. You must beat all of the other levels to unlock the Eclipse level for each game. Challenge mode does not have many of the features that are present in the other game modes, such as points and score multipliers.

First Seven Puzzles

Detonator is the first game in the challenge mode. In this game, you must move bomb gems (which explode when matched) to destroy as many other gems as possible. The second game is Spectrum, where you must match gems in order according to color. The third game is Coal Mine, where you destroy as many coal gems (which cannot be matched) as possible with one move. Fourth is Chain Reaction, where you must create progressively larger gem chains. Fifth is Gem Fall, where you must match gems quickly as they drop onto the puzzle. Preserver is the sixth game, where the object is to keep a certain number and color of gems while moving others. The seventh game is Firestorm, where you must destroy a number of Flame gems (which destroy gems of the same color) in under five minutes.

Next Six Puzzles

The eighth puzzle is Stratamax, where you must clear a number of gems using a certain number of moves. The ninth game is Arsenal, where you must match flame and lightning gems (which destroy all gems in the same row and column). Bonanza is the tenth game, where you must clear a certain number of gems in under five minutes. The eleventh game is Survivor, where you must simply survive a number of turns. The twelfth game is Voltage in which you must detonate lightning gems. The last game is Enigma, where you must create different gems within a certain number of moves.

Challenge Puzzle Completion Tips

In puzzles where you are working with flame, bomb and lightning gems, try to keep them from exploding as long as possible by moving them to the sides of the puzzle. This will help you to more easily accomplish the goals of the puzzle. Also, remember that when you unlock the first level of a challenge puzzle, you also unlock the next puzzle, so if you get stuck on one game, just move on to the next one.

General Game Tips

Watch gems carefully; a gem will sparkle when there is a possible match nearby. Always look for the move that gives you the highest benefit, meaning the move that matches the most gems. If you match six gems in a row, you can create a supernova gem, which will allow you to clear all gems on the board. When you destroy a coal gem, it releases geodes, which give special bonus points.