Beginning Piano Books for Toddlers

by Emma Rensch
Learning piano can contribute to strong mental development in your toddler.

Learning piano can contribute to strong mental development in your toddler.

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An early start in piano lessons may give children an advantage later in life, since they will learn skills such as basic math from music education. There are many piano books for young children. Understanding the differences between the choices that are offered will help you make a decision that will help you to jump start your toddler's piano lessons. These options are available at most book and music stores as well as online.

Instant Piano Fun

As soon as a toddler knows her ABCs, she can begin learning from the "Instant Piano Fun" book. This book is actually an interactive kit that includes multi-colored alphabet stickers that a toddler places on the keys of a piano to learn which key corresponds with each note. "Instant Piano Fun" includes easy lesson activities that incorporate shape and color recognition and familiarization with piano keys, so that children begin to associate keys with their sounds and learn how to use different notes to make a song.

Alfred Basic Piano Course

The "Alfred Basic Piano Course" consists of several books that explain different aspects of playing the piano to very young children. The books in this series include simple lessons in basic rhythms and songs, elementary theory, rudimentary explanations of playing techniques and information on the history of piano composition presented as a story. While the Alfred course may require parent or teacher supervision when used with toddlers, it offers immersion in every aspect of playing and understanding the piano.

Teach Yourself Piano

"Teach Yourself Piano" is designed to introduce toddlers to the piano in a way that will capture their attention and allow them to have fun while learning. This book provides basic lessons in understanding and playing melodies and chords. Most lessons are crafted around children's songs that a toddler is likely to know. The book comes with a DVD and CD to aid in the instruction of children who are too young or too easily distracted to use a book independently. Parents or piano teachers may wish to coach young children in their use of the "Teach Yourself Piano" set.

Bastien Piano Basics

"Bastien Piano Basics" provides a series of lessons, beginning with the most rudimentary and becoming more complex. These books are ideal for very young children because they begin with the concept of middle C and the basic fingerings that can be performed from this starting position. Bastien piano books include easily understood lessons on how to read music and the fundamentals of playing simple songs. Bastien books provide consistent teaching material for familiarizing very young players with the basics of the piano and slowly building upon these skills. Parent or teach supervision is likely to maximize the effectiveness of these books when used with toddlers.


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