How to Become a Surfer Girl

by Todd Bowerman
Surfer girls have a style all their own.

Surfer girls have a style all their own.

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Surfing is more than a sport; it is a lifestyle. If you have seen a few surfer girls wandering your local pier with boards in tow and want to adopt their style, buying the right clothes is just a small part of the process. Surfer girls are known for their carefree attitudes, courage under fire, casual dress and, of course, ability to charge waves just as well as the boys. Becoming a surfer girl takes time and dedication, especially when you get out into the water.

Step 1

Change your style. Surfer girls rely on casual, comfortable clothes when they're not pounding waves. Sandals, shorts and T-shirts rule the day.

Step 2

Get outside and work on your tan. Surfer girls have near constant tans from being out on the water every day catching waves; you will need a decent tan, if possible, to pull off the look.

Step 3

Pick up a DVD or book that will help you learn about surf culture. Popular movies and documentaries can show you surf life, and books can give you more insight into the mindset of experienced surfers.

Step 4

Make a few friends at the beach. Surfers are a friendly group of people in most cases and welcome new people, as long as you follow the rules of the waves, including surfing etiquette.

Step 5

Learn to surf. You cannot be considered a surfer girl if you are not capable of hitting the beach with your board and catching a few waves. Talk to experienced surfers, take a class or hit the break with a buddy to master the basics of paddling out and catching waves.

Tips & Warnings

  • Surfing is a dangerous sport, especially for beginners. You should never surf alone and should be careful to avoid situations where the surf is greater than your ability.
  • If you live in a landlocked area, you can still identify as a surfer girl. Being a surfer girl is about personality, style and the way you live your life. You can also skateboard to get a taste of board sports; the skills needed in surfing and skating are similar.

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