How to Become a Good Wakeboarder

by Pilar Ethridge
Wakeboarding improvement happens during the off-season.

Wakeboarding improvement happens during the off-season.

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If you expect to become a better wakeboarder, prepare to put your work in during the off-season. Just like most other sports, wakeboarding requires strength, stamina and skill, all of which can be improved upon during winter training sessions. Whether you're a beginner or are looking to go pro, there are a few tips that will help you elevate to the next level. Even those who are restricted to indoor training during colder months will see an improvement.

Items you will need

  • Weight set
  • Balance board
  • Trampoline
Step 1

Visit a local gym and sign up for a seasonal membership. Wakeboarding is not like other sports that require you to train in the gym extensively. But during the off-season, it's important to lift weights so that you can get stronger. If you prefer to train at home, purchase a set of free weights to use on your own. With more muscle, you'll be able to stabilize yourself more and control your jumps with ease.

Step 2

Incorporate a balance board into your workout routine. To do this, set a timer and see how long you can stand on the balance board without falling over. During the off-season, work on increasing this time. When you're ready, you can do the same thing holding weights for more of a challenge. Balance is an integral component of wakeboarding.

Step 3

Practice jumps on a trampoline. This will help you get more comfortable with new tricks before you hit the water. If you don't already own one, save money by visiting a local gymnastics center, where there are likely several trampolines.

Step 4

Set aside time each morning or evening to meditate on becoming a good wakeboarder. The mental component of training is just as important as the physical portion, and it should not be neglected. While you meditate, visualize yourself doing exactly what you wish to achieve as a wakeboarder. Take time and go over the details of how a good wakeboarder moves, jumps, and lands.

Step 5

Join a local recreation sports team. Have fun with this -- choose a sport that you've always wanted to try. It need not be a water sport. By playing sports during your training season, you'll gain the stamina and strength of a good wakeboarder. You'll also keep your mind sharp as you learn new skills that may or may not be related to wakeboarding. Good wakeboarders stay active year-round so they're prepared once it's time to hit the water.

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