Beauty & the Geek Theme Party Ideas

by Barbie Carpenter
Bring out your inner geek for a

Bring out your inner geek for a "Beauty and the Geek" theme party. Images

The mid-2000s reality show "Beauty and the Geek" might be over, but you can use the show as inspiration for a theme party. If you're a fan of the Ashton Kutcher-produced series, you can recreate some of the hijinks at your very own "Beauty and the Geek" bash. If you don't have a bevy of beauties and geeks to invite, just encourage your female friends to dress as beauties and their guys to come as geeks.


Costumes are key at your "Beauty and the Geek" theme party. Make sure guests come in pairs -- one beauty, one geek. On the TV series, female beauties were paired with male geeks, but your friends can think outside of the box. Seeing a man dressed as a beauty, complete with tiara, will be downright entertaining. Or women can put on their most fabulous attire and be the more traditional beauties. Geek attire is simple -- some suspenders, glasses and buttoned-up shirt create the perfect geek look for this theme party.

Beauty Challenges

Set up some activities to challenge the mental strength of the beauties at your "Beauty and the Geek" theme party. Following the show's stereotype that the pretty ones aren't the most intelligent, set up challenges that test their smarts. Write trivia questions on a range of topics, and put the beauties up against each other in a "Jeopardy"-style game show. Give the beauty who wins the trivia contest a stereotypical prize, such as a bejeweled hand-held mirror so that she can admire herself.

Geek Challenges

The geeks might know how to calculate complex equations, but they might struggle with their basic social skills. Set up challenges that require the geeks to do tasks that only their cool male counterparts know how to do. Challenge them to work the party to get a girl's phone number -- the first geek who lands the digits wins. Or have each geek present his best pickup line, and the beauties can vote on the winner.

Best Couple

Just as "Beauty and the Geek" ends by declaring a winner, so should your party. After a few hours of socializing with the beauties and geeks and participating in silly challenges, name your best "Beauty and the Geek" couple. Have other party guests vote. You can also award prizes for best or silliest costume and "ugliest beauty," if you have men dressed up as the beauties. Have fun with your awards, and end your party on a positive and humorous note.

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