Bear-and-Blocks Ideas for a Baby Shower

by Christine Gauvreau
Perch bears on top of blocks when decorating for this baby shower theme.

Perch bears on top of blocks when decorating for this baby shower theme.

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"Bears and blocks" is a baby shower theme that can be tailored to a boy, girl or unisex baby shower. Combine plush teddy bears and wooden baby blocks with pink, blue or neutral-colored balloons, streamers and paper goods. From the invitations to the cake, many of this shower theme's elements can be made at home and personalized for the expectant mother's special day.


Use a teddy-bear-shaped cookie cutter as a template to trace the shape onto cardstock. Cut the shape out. Purchase lettered, baby-block-style rubber stamps from a craft store. Stamp the words "baby shower" on the front of the invitation. Write the time, date and location details on the other side of the teddy-bear card.


Cut out additional cardstock teddy bears, but leave them blank. Punch holes in the tops of the bear shapes, string ribbon through and hang them from the ceiling and on the backs of chairs. Use rubber stamps to create a blocks-and-bears design on a plastic tablecloth. Tie a bunch of helium-filled balloons to a plush teddy bear and use it as the table centerpiece. Scatter baby blocks around the bear. Arrange lettered blocks to spell guests' names at their place settings. To decorate other areas in the party space, cover four evenly sized boxes with poster board, paint them as baby blocks and stack them to spell out the word "baby." Make several of these in different sizes. Place them on tabletops, stand them in corners and flank the entryway. Sit a plush teddy bear on top of each block pile.

Wishing Well

Design a wishing well to look like baby blocks. Remove the tops and bottoms of two evenly sized cardboard boxes. Paint or wrap the remaining sides with solid colored paper. Paint or draw letters and images, just as you would find on a lettered block, on each side of the boxes. Stack the boxes and tape them together. Insert a laundry hamper to catch the gifts that are dropped inside. Position a plush bear so that his head peeks out of the top of the blocks.


Bake the cake recipe of your choice in a 9-by-13-inch pan. Cool the cake, transfer it to a serving board and frost it with your desired color of frosting. Make a batch of marshmallow cereal treats to fill an 8-by-8-inch square pan. Cut the cereal treat square into quarters. Frost each cereal treat with a light-colored frosting. Use gel icing or a piping bag to add the trim, letters and images of a baby block in a darker shade of frosting. Decorate each cereal treat with letters to spell out the word "baby." Place the edible blocks on top of the sheet cake. Purchase a teddy-bear lollipop mold, melting chocolate, lollipop sticks and wrappers from a craft store. Pour the melted chocolate into the mold and insert the sticks. Allow the chocolate to set and remove the pops from the mold. Insert a teddy-bear lollipop into each baby block on the cake. Make and wrap additional lollipops to give away as party favors.

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