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Pretend like you are driving the Batmoblie.

Pretend like you are driving the Batmoblie.

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"Play the Chase: Batmobile" is a computer flash video game, available to play free of charge on a number of different websites. Players take control of the Batmobile and use it to track down the enemy of Batman, the Joker, in a landscape of urban streets that change as you advance in levels.

The Plot

The Joker is driving around Gotham City, causing random chaos and littering the streets with joker cards -- and there is only one person in the world who can stop him: Batman. Drive the Batmobile around, picking up the joker cards and tracking down the Joker as he tries to evade you in a tricky streetscape. A variety of other vehicles and obstacles are found in the roadway, making your task harder, and as the levels progress, the streetscape becomes more maze-like, making it harder to drive.

How to Play

Control the Batmobile by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. The "Up" arrow is used to accelerate the Batmobile while the "Down" arrow is used to back it up. "Left" and "Right" arrows are used to turn the Batmoblie in those directions. Pick up power ups as you go and be careful not to hit too many obstacles as eventually the Batmobile will become damaged and destroyed. Watch out for the Joker's henchman, who shoot at you from the side of the road.

Winning the Game

A timer is set at the game's beginning, giving you a set period of time in which to stop the Joker on his rampage. You must ram into the Joker's vehicle enough times that it actually is destroyed within the set period of time to win the game and advance to the next level.

Finding the Game

"Play the Chase: Batmobile" can be found on several different free flash video game sites, including, which specializes in racing car games, and, where a wide variety of different games can be found. You do not need to download or sign up for anything -- just wait for the flash to load and play for as long as you want.

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