The Bath, Pennsylvania, Halloween Parade

by Darlena Cunha
The Bath Halloween parade features local crafters.

The Bath Halloween parade features local crafters. Images

If you're looking for a fun and spooky time this Halloween in Bath, Pennsylvania, you may not have to wander far. The fire department puts on a parade each year in celebration of the holiday, funded by sponsorships and business donations. Any residential group can enter the parade to show off its talents or wares, or just to have a good time. It's held the last Saturday night of October with a rain date of Sunday night.


The parade floats are staged and prepared on Broad and Wolf Streets, and the marchers get ready at two different locations, depending on their positions in the parade: George Wolf Elementary School and Keim Street. Once the participants are all set up, the parade proceeds to Main Street, then cuts across Route 512 and heads north on Chestnut Street. It ends at Fire Fighters Park on Creek Road.


Dozens of floats take part in the parade every year. Student-run floats draw attention to different clubs, groups and projects at Northampton High School, Bath Lions and Moore Twps. Local businesses float down the streets promoting their services and tossing out candy and trinkets. Other residential groups like the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Lions Club participate, as well. Parade chairperson Amy DeGarmo says each year more individuals and groups sign up with various themed floats, keeping the atmosphere fresh and festive.

Marchers and Riders

The area high schools usually perform during the parade with marching bands and choirs. Cheerleading squads and athletic teams also walk the route in step with each other. The Shriners sometimes march, sometimes drive and sometimes do both as they wave to the crowds. Car clubs make an appearance with their antique vehicles kept in pristine condition, honking and cheering as they pass by. Local police cruisers, ambulances and, of course, fire engines take part.

Sign Up

You must sign up early to participate in the parade. DeGarmo says interest is always high, since nearly 1,000 people turn out to see the floats and marchers. She says the registration fee is low and the benefits high, so many people in the surrounding areas sign up during the summer months. If you're interested in taking part, call 610-657-3688 for information or to enter. You can also fax your registration or questions to the fire department at 610-837-4101.


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